Play Build A Burger Online For Free

Play Build A Burger Online For Free

Cafe Casino is on the lookout for some skilled helpers to build the perfect burger. That’s where you come in!

Cafe Casino Build a Burger is one of the best free mini games, and there are plenty of burger ingredients to go around.

You’ll need more than just your culinary skills to make this burger, though; you have to be quick on your feet and fast as a whippersnapper with that plate. The ingredients are dropping down fast, and it’ll be your job to stack them all up. Just make sure you don’t miss any and don’t let them topple over, or else the chef will have your head!

The customers are lined up, arms crossed and tapping their toes, and the clock is running down. The extra-high burgers need to be made – stat! Ding, ding, ding, order’s up and it’s time to have fun with Cafe Casino mini games. Lunch is about to be served!


Even if you don’t consider yourself an outstanding cook, you still have the skills needed to Build A Burger inside one of the best mini games for free at Cafe, and it’s really easy to learn how to play.

You are the server of the game, and you control the character’s movements with the arrow controls on your PC or mobile.

As your server runs back and forth in the game, Burger ingredients come tumbling down from the sky at a rapid pace. You have to rush over to the ingredient and catch it on your plate, starting with the bottom bun. You’ll want your burger to reach up as high as it can with meat, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, cheese, and more. The aim is to make your big, tall burger reach all the way up to the horizontal line, and then you win!

But be warned: this burger-making shift at the restaurant is no easy feat, because the ingredients have a mind of their own, and they’ll want to hop off the bread and splat all over the floor.

Stay steady now!


You can play Build a Burger on either desktop or mobile, and the controls will be a little different depending on which one you’re using.

For desktop, simply use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move the restaurant server from left to right. She doesn’t jump around or anything, so you won’t need to learn any other crazy moves!

For mobile, use the two arrow buttons on your touchscreen to move the server. Just remember to keep your cool as you zip back and forth collecting burger ingredients and you try not to drop them, especially if you’re playing outside in public. Or better yet, invite other passersby to come along and have fun with Cafe Casino mini games, too!

In all seriousness, if you do invite a friend to play a game for real money at Cafe, we’ll give you a casino referral bonus. Then you have a hefty boost to any game in the casino, plus you’ll have a buddy to cheer you along as you spin for real money on online slots or table games.


While it’s true we all crave a good slots online game that dishes out free money like an Oprah Winfrey episode, sometimes the pure enjoyment of mini games for free can leave you feeling quite satisfied.

With a simple and free mini game like Build a Burger, the steaks – ahem, the stakes – are far lower; you can take a quick break in the middle of your day to clear your mind and refresh yourself with a burst of excitement.

Your friends love to see how well you do in such a fun and agile game, so it’s always a great idea to post your results on social. (Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter @CafeCasinoLV.) Then you can lap up all the compliments your friends make about your burger-making performance, and maybe even remember that one time you made them for real and forgot to buy the buns. Whoopsie!


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Do you have your apron ready? The Cafe Casino Build a Burger mini game for free is on the lookout for some talented servers to build their burgers. You won’t need a resume, just your enthusiasm, a few minutes to spare and a quick tapping finger to move around. Then try to catch the ingredients as the burger stacks up, up, and up in the fun-filled assembly line at Cafe Casino.