Reap The Benefits At A Crypto Casino

Play At A Crypto Casino, Reap The Benefits

Everyone seems to be talking about cryptocurrency these days. And many have trouble understanding exactly what it is. In short, it’s a digital or virtual currency that allows for secure online payment transactions. The key word here is secure thanks to its encryption technology that doesn’t require any third-parties. It bypasses centralized government control of money and assures quick and safe processing via a blockchain. And while there are many cryptocurrency varieties, currently the two major and most secure types are Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency developed and it is still the leading choice for investors and speculators. When it was launched, Bitcoin was seen as a means for conducting day-to-day transactions. (In fact, the first retail transaction with Bitcoin was a purchase for two pizzas!) Today, Bitcoin has a current market value of more than a trillion dollars.

It’s no surprise then that cryptocurrency is the most popular deposit method for Cafe Casino players because, apart from security and convenience, the rewards we offer for playing with virtual currency are super realOur Cafe Casino Bitcoin and crypto deposit options are designed to make playing simple, easy and highly profitable. Let’s look at all the benefits of crypto gambling now.


Currently, the evolution of cryptocurrency is playing a bigger and bigger role in online transactions. In fact, online casinos like Cafe believe that crypto and Bitcoin gambling is the future. That’s why we are adopting the technology faster than most companies out there. Ultimately, it makes life easier and more profitable for players like you!

Playing a huge variety of our casino games and online slots with cryptocurrency is absolutely amazing, but there are even more benefits to crypto casinos. Here are the seven top advantages:

  1. ANONYMITY: One of the key casino crypto advantages. Your digital wallet doesn’t require personal data or identity, so you can manage your funds with no interference.
  2. ALTERNATIVE TO CREDIT CARDS: Banks can sometimes cause problems with credit card deposits. So, having an additional cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet is the best way to cover your bases. You will always be able to deposit. No questions asked.
  3. EASY TRANSFERS: Cryptocurrency is both the easiest and safest way to transfer your US funds to and from your Cafe Casino account.
  4. INSTANT CONVERSION: There is no need to exchange from cryptocurrency to US dollars because we take care of that as soon as it appears in your account.
  5. BIGGER BONUSES: We love crypto, and as such, we offer bigger crypto bonuses and perks to cryptocurrency users.
  6. FAST WITHDRAWALS: It usually takes 15 minutes to withdraw with crypto. In comparison to checks or bank wires which take several business days.
  7. LOWEST AND HIGHEST LIMITS: Our minimum and maximum limits for depositing and withdrawing make it easy to understand why cryptocurrency is the preferred option. The minimum deposit amount is $10. On the other hand, you can withdraw up to $200,000 per week with Litecoin, or $100,000 per week with Bitcoin with a maximum withdrawal installment of $10K every 15 minutes.

Have we got your attention? We’ll tell you more about these great crypto casino benefits now.

✓ DEPOSITING WITH CRYPTO IS EASY AND SAFEDid you know that depositing with crypto is easy and safe? It’s thanks to the encryption technology that doesn’t require any third parties!

When you’re ready to play online casino slots and other games with cryptocurrency, we make it really easy. It all starts with your cryptocurrency deposit. You simply open a digital wallet, purchase any crypto from an exchange of your choosing with a credit or debit card. Then you transfer it into your Cafe Casino account.

We like to make sure you have as many payment options as possible to stay in the action. When you open the cashier, depending on eligibility, you may find any number of coins available to play with, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether (USDT). Plus, we make it crazy simple to get started with an easy-to-understand cryptocurrency deposit guide.

When you deposit cryptocurrency, only one blockchain confirmation is required before posting the funds to your account. This can be done in as little as 15 minutes.


Most players usually begin by purchasing cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card. Once your digital wallet is set up, you can conduct transactions without going through a financial institution. So, your personal identity – name and address – is never revealed to anyone.  No one will monitor your financial activity or establish limits on what you can or cannot do with your own money.

When you use a credit card to play casino games online, you’re telling a merchant to subtract a payment from your account and pass the entire transaction through as many as six intermediaries. Those agents include the merchant, the credit card network, the financial institution that pays the merchant, your bank, sometimes a payment processor, and you.  And with so many groups in the mix, these credit card transaction attempts can sometimes fail.

Purchasing crypto with US dollars and using it to play online with us means there are only ever two entities involved: and you. Period. And that means you’ll always be able to deposit and play!


Alright, since we’ve established that playing with cryptocurrency is safe and easy, what more can it do for you? As a crypto casino, our answer is, “more is the least we can do.”

It starts with our famous Cafe Casino Welcome Bonus. When you sign up at Cafe Casino, we welcome you with open arms and an open wallet. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran to casino gaming, your first move has to be depositing some money to create a bankroll with which to play. So, we will increase your very first credit card deposit by 250% up to $1,500 max. Not a bad deal, right?

Hold our coffee…

We are a Bitcoin casino! Our Welcome Bonus gets a digital jolt when you make your first deposit with cryptocurrency. That’s when we match your initial deposit with a 350% bonus up to $2,500! You’re a player, so your math skills are probably pretty good. However, we’ll do some of the work for you. Deposit $250 in Bitcoin and we will add another $875, so there will be $1,125 in your account. Your $700 cryptocurrency deposit will be matched to nearly the max at $2,450 (and to be precise, depositing exactly $714.29 will get you to the $2,500 maximum). Do you think you could have some fun playing at Cafe Casino with over $3K in your bankroll? We do!

If you’re already signed up, you can still take advantage of our Refer a Friend Bonus. Encourage your friends to get in on all the excitement and when they make their first credit card deposit and we’ll give you $100. However, if you convince them to deposit with Bitcoin, your reward grows to $125 for every friend! If you’ve got a lot of buddies, the reward for doing them all a solid is going to get real big, real quick!

Your cryptocurrency advantages don’t end there. We sometimes offer crypto-specific Weekly Mystery Bonuses. Plus, you can take advantage of Cafe perks that are bigger than the ones our non-crypto players can access.

 So, Cafe Casino crypto not only eliminates the barriers and hassles of credit card deposits, it delivers perks and bonuses only you can enjoy!

✓FASTER WAY TO WITHDRAWWithdrawing with crypto means you get paid in mere hours. Credit or bank transfer – it could be days! Don’t sleep on crypto casinos!

The next BIG question you are probably asking is, “How easy is it to withdraw my casino winnings?” It’s super easy. And more importantly, it’s super fast.

You simply go to your digital wallet. Then choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Tether (USDT) or Litecoin. And click Receive. Go back to the website and enter your wallet address, followed by the amount you want to withdraw. With most cryptos, you can expect the money to be deposited in your digital wallet in about 15 minutes once approved. Once your funds arrive, send them to your exchange account and convert them to US funds at that day’s exchange rate. Select cryptocurrencies may come even faster.


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