The Best Songs To Match The Best Slots

The Best Casino Songs To Match The Best Slots

The cacophony of sounds that fills your ears in a live casino only adds to the excitement of gambling at the tables or slot machines. That got us to thinking about the sounds our online slots make. The whirling, cranking, popping and chiming is designed to add authenticity and energy, with an added touch of relevant music, to create a mood that complements the theme.

However, like most things, repetitive sounds and music can get a little tedious, especially after playing for a few hours. That’s why we always give you the ability to turn them off. But is playing in complete silence really what you want? Even silence gets monotonous!

So, we have come up with this online casino song playlist to inspire and energize your play time. It’s actually amazing how many gambling-theme songs are out there, and when you combine them with the right slot games, the mood changes dramatically. That’s the beauty of music and how its beats can perfectly accompany the rhythm you can get into when playing the slots!

Try listening to these tunes the next time you launch your favorite Cafe Casino online slots!


Too obvious? Nah! Cool rappers, hot women, glittery jewelry, expensive cars, booze, money, money and more money… it’s perfect! DJ Khaled’s single features T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross, and hit number 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song became an anthem for a few sports teams like the New York Knicks who used an instrumental version of All I Do Is Win for player intros during the 2010 NBA season. They finished 6th that year, up from 11th the previous year.

At Cafe Casino, we call this a casino song for its in-your-face celebration of being an all-out winner. When we play 777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpots, the classic slot machine with bells, fruit, 7s, and BARs, we pay homage to the original Vegas fruit machines. But even better than those originals, 777 Deluxe features three types of jackpots that sing win, win, win every hour of every day!

THE GAMBLER BY KENNY ROGERSEveryone knows the iconic casino song by Kenny Rogers. Do you know all the lyrics to The Gambler?

This song’s narrator plays cards with an old stranger on a train “bound for nowhere.” Down on his luck, the gambler trades sage advice for one final mouthful of the singer’s whiskey: “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” This classic 1978 country crossover hit was Kenny Rogers’s signature song, though Johnny Cash recorded it first. Kenny made it a massive hit and won himself a Grammy Award.

The Gambler seems exactly right for filling your ears with western twang and sly thinking when you play Lawless Ladies at our online casino. These cowgirls rule the wild west with leather whips as they ride through the old town populated by tumbleweeds and grizzled old cowpokes. Our advice is not to fold before you get your shot at a huge random progressive jackpot, though!


This infectious 2008 synth-pop tune (that’s perfect for clicking your mouse or tapping your finger along to, by the way) blends gambling with romantic innuendo. The song claims love is a gamble when your partner is an unknown. Lady Gaga plays Texas Hold ’em and reveals to a prospective suitor that “a little gamblin’ is fun when you’re with me.” She’s proud her p-p-p-poker face reveals nothing about her next move. Take a lesson. This Grammy Award winner topped the charts all across the globe.

Turn up the volume on Lady Gaga, buckle up and let Fast & Sexy give you the ride of a lifetime. The crew of five lady street racers know their way around a turbo engine and look good in racy attire for parties in Havana, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and Monaco. You’re invited to the underground slots street races where you need to keep your cool and maintain your poker face when you want to win big.


Perhaps the King’s most recognizable song, Viva Las Vegas is a veritable gambling anthem featured in the Elvis film of the same title. Written by Doc Pomus – famous for Save the Last Dance for Me and Suspicion – this upbeat 1964 tune captured the essence of Las Vegas. From the bright lights of the Strip to beautiful women to money to play, the song covers fortunes made and lost as the singer risks it all at the roulette wheel and slot machines.

Fire up the one slot online that totally matches the excitement, gloss and glitter of Sin City, 10 Times Vegas. It’s the sparkliest online slot around as neon lights blaze off your mobile or desktop screen, creating the extraordinary nightlife that feels exactly like Vegas! Line the reels up just right and you have a shot at the progressive jackpot! Viva Las 10 Times Vegas!

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TUMBLING DICE BY THE ROLLING STONESThe Rolling Stones have sang about a lot of topics including gambling! Read on to find out more!

Jagger and Richards wrote this song for their best-selling Exile on Main St. album released in 1972. Mick Jagger wrote the lyrics after talking to a housekeeper about gambling in Los Angeles. Apparently, she loved dice games and he wanted to know more. What he learned made the song. He already had the worn-out lover and gambler idea, but the housekeeper inspired him to write the line, “I’m all sixes and sevens and nines.”

The Stones had a reputation for living the rock ‘n roll life extra-large. Seems Mister Money is the perfect fit for a Tumbling Dice soundtrack. It’s the slots story of a self-made millionaire who enjoys a high-rolling lifestyle complete with private jets, gold jewelry, gorgeous women, huge mansions, expensive cars and stacks of cold, hard cash. Trigger the random progressive jackpot and take your place in the spotlight as a Cafe Casino big winner too!


Old Blue Eyes was (and still is) a Las Vegas fixture and this classic from the 1950 musical Guys and Dolls was perfect for him. Luck Be a Lady sounds like the soundtrack you should hear in your head cruising the Las Vegas strip searching for action. It’s about betting on love, a metaphor for life then and now. Fun fact: Sinatra recorded this song as a duet with Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, but they recorded their vocals separately and never actually met.

We like listening to this song when playing 21 Wilds. It’s a cool slot that feels like a classic game of cards played out on the green felt of a live casino table. With five reels, nine lines, free spins, bonus games and a winning multiplier, you’re sure to enjoy the most relaxing and rewarding game of cards ever… Of course, it won’t hurt to have a lucky lady beside you.

Music uplifts and inspires for all sorts of life experiences. Casino songs work well as rhythmic inspirations for online slots players who have grown tired of the monotony coming from the machines they play. Add casino soundtracks to your game play for a change and see if it boosts your luck by putting a song in your heart and a lot of money in your bank!

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