Learn to Roll Dice and Play Craps Online

Learn to Roll Dice and Play Craps Online


It’s amazing how all that excitement at a craps table can come from simply rolling a pair of dice, isn’t it? Well, if you’re ever wondered how the game worked but were too intimidated to actually approach a craps table, we’ve got the solution: online craps for real money.

Here, you can learn the game in peace, get a feel for how all the bets work, and learn that the surprising truth about craps is that it’s not that complicated! In fact, you can even play mobile craps when you’re out and about and have a little free time to kill.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be ready to play craps at Cafe Casino. Let’s get into it!

Online Craps Fundamentals


The basic idea of craps revolves around rolling a pair of dice and seeing what totals come up. Fundamentally, the drama in a craps game comes from the points numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) on the one hand and 7s on the other. When a point number has been rolled, lots of players will be betting on whether that point number will be rolled again before a 7 comes up. If the point number is rolled, players who bet on “pass” have won. If instead a 7 is rolled, the shooter has evened out and players who bet “don’t pass” have won.

You may see a ton of different bet types on the table when you play online craps for real money, but pass / don’t pass is the backbone of the game. If you ignore everything else, at least you now know why there’s so much focus on people rolling sevens.


Before you can get into the action of a craps game, there’s an initial roll to bet on called the “come out roll.” There are three outcomes:

  1.  one of the points numbers is rolled, coming out and establishing a point while getting a round started,
  2. a seven or eleven is rolled (aka a “natural”), passing the round, or
  3. a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, which means the shooter has crapped out and the round is not passed.

Whether you’re playing mobile craps or online craps for real money on your laptop, this is how a game gets started.


This is the basic bet when you play online craps for real money at Cafe Casino. You make your choice before the come out roll and then put your chips on pass or don’t pass. If you choose pass and a point is established, you’re betting that the point number will be rolled again before a 7. Also, if you bet pass and a 7 or 11 is rolled on the come out, you win. If a craps number (2, 3, 12) is rolled, however, you lose.

The don’t pass bet is the reverse in online craps games. If you bet don’t pass, and a point is established, you’re betting that a 7 will come up before the point number is rolled again. These bets work the same way in mobile craps, and are a good option for keeping things simple when you’re playing craps on the go. These basic bets are some of the best bets in real money online craps games at Cafe Casino.

Pass Line / Don't Pass Bet


In online craps or mobile craps at Cafe Casino, the come or don’t come bet is about establishing your own personal point number. Instead of following the point that is “on,” you can make a come-bet. The next point number that is rolled becomes your personal point, and your chips will be moved to that number. Now you’re betting that your number will be rolled again before a 7.

The don’t come bet in online craps for real money is the opposite. Once your money comes to a particular point number, you’re now betting that a seven will come before that point number is rolled again.

To keep things straight at the craps table, you’ll notice that your chips are moved to the top right corner of a number square for don’t come bets and the bottom left square for come bets.


Online craps for real money at Cafe Casino offers tons of simple proposition or “prop” bets. In the lower left corner, you can bet that a six or eight will be rolled next. Next to that, you can bet on a field of numbers coming up next. These numbers (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12) are rarer than sixes, sevens, and eights, but you have a lot of coverage by betting on the group of them.

Over on the right side of our online craps table, you can bet on seven or any craps number, as well as several dice configurations, like double sixes, or snake eyes (two ones). These are some of the most fun bets in real money online craps games at Cafe Casino.

Simple Prop Bets in Craps


Not everything in online craps for real money or mobile craps is simple. There are some bets that are a bit more complicated to understand. One of these is an “odds bet.” These online craps games bets relate to the fact that some numbers are more likely to be rolled than others. For example, there’s only one way to make a 2 (1 and 1), but you can make a seven six ways (5 and 2, 3 and 4, etc.).

For this reason, some people like to place a pass or don’t pass bet that pays them true odds. That way, instead of simply betting that the point number will come up before a seven, you also get paid in accordance with the rarity of the number. If 4 is the point number, you’d get a bigger payout than if 8 were the point number.


The strategy of online craps for real money is similar to many table games where you play against the house. You want to focus on bets that have the best chance of paying off if you’re looking for a win in your online craps games. This means that betting on rare outcomes should be done sparingly (e.g. betting on double sixes at 30:1 odds). For many people, simply betting pass or don’t pass is a great way to get in the game and enjoy decent odds of profiting (as well as keeping it simple for mobile craps).

There’s also your bankroll to consider in online craps games. Don’t bet money you need for other purposes (essentials in life like rent, food, etc.). Only bet with discretionary funds and even then, only bet a percentage of your bankroll in a given session. The goal is to live to have fun another day! Now, who’s got a hot hand for these dice?