Popular Online Table Games from Asia

The Most Popular Online Table Games from Asia


Casino games can come from all over the world. People have rolled dice since ancient times, many card games were invented hundreds of years ago, and some games were only invented in the internet era. You won’t regret relaxing and playing these games.

Asia is where today’s games come from, and they are even more fun western table games!

Asia is a massive region – big enough that even a sub-region would give us enough to talk about. In particular, the games in this article trace their roots to India and China. If you want to play Cafe table games that are something a little different from your typical western casino experience, this is a great place to learn about something new.

Your next Cafe Casino login could have you playing a new and exciting game. Who knows – maybe something fresh is just what you need to get your next lucky win streak started? Take a break from Cafe Casino Cafe Casino slots and let’s get started with a table game called “Teen Patti.”


Teen Patti Pro is a poker variation you might have come across before under the name of 3 card brag or Flash. The name of the game doesn’t have anything to do with teenage girls at all. Instead, it’s how you say “three cards” in Hindi.

The basic idea of the game is that you bet on the player or the dealer to make the best 3-card poker hand. The hand rankings will be familiar to any players who have played poker before:

  • Straight flush
  • 3 of a kind
  • Straight
  • Flush 
  • Pair
  • High card

There’s also a variety of side bets you can make, including whether the player or dealer will hit a particular type of hand. And if you’re feeling super lucky, you can put a bet down on a tie (the “Split” option in the middle of the game screen). This bet pays off 865:1! When you play Cafe table games, odds like that don’t come along every day, but someone could get a huge real money payday from them when lightning strikes.


Much like Cafe Casino slots, Teen Patti Rapid features quick gameplay where you press a single button to play a round in the game. Instead of betting on a player and a dealer, you’re betting on a three-card deal and hoping for the best poker hand possible. If you hit a specified hand, you get a specified payout. Pairs pay 2:1, flushes pay 5:1, straights are 6:1, trips are 30:1, and a straight flush pays you 50x your money! 

If you like play Cafe table games that are simple, click on Teen Patti Rapid after your next Cafe Casino login and kick back with one of India’s most popular card-based games.

ROLL THE DICERoll the Dice

Roll the Dice, “Hoo Hey How,” or “Fish, Prawn, Crab” is a classic dice-rolling game from China. Here, you bet on whether certain symbols will come up on three rolled dice. These symbols include the fish, prawn, crab, coin, rooster, and calabash (a type of water-carrying container often made from the empty shell of a dried gourd). 

When you play cafe table games like this, you can pick your symbol (or multiple symbols) to bet on, or bet on three of a kind if you’re feeling lucky and want a big real money payout. Much like roulette, you don’t have to stick to just one symbol. You can spread your bets out and gamble on a number of different symbols coming up.

Matching a single symbol to a die gets you a 1:1 payout. Two symbols matching is worth 2:1. And three of a kind is 12:1. The music puts you right into the mood to play the game, too. Launch it and you’ll see why this is the first stop for many players after their Cafe Casino login for the day. 


Andar Bahar is another popular way to play cafe table games from India. The name of this one relates to “inside” and “outside” bets. A card is dealt into the middle of the table. Then, cards are dealt alternatingly to the right and left until one match. Your basic bet is on which side will contain the ultimate match. You’re also able to make side bets on the middle card’s suit, color, value, and whether it will be above or below 8. You can even bet on how many cards will have to be dealt before a match is reached!

Cafe Casino slots never gave you this many ways to bet after your Cafe Casino login.


If all of these games sound strange and mysterious to you – don’t worry. Practice mode is your friend. You can play with imaginary coins for as long as you like to get a feel for each game and how it works. You can make whatever bets you want and chase all kinds of different payouts. You also have a chance to try different strategies or betting systems, if you like. There are also options to play with, including the color scheme of your table, or whether you prefer to have music and sound on or off.

The point is, you don’t have to play cafe table games for real money until you’re ready. 

In fact, we recommend playing many hands or rounds of each game to find out not just how to bet and win, but also to find one that’s the most fun for you! That’s what this is all about at the end of the day – entertainment with a gambling twist.

Once you’re ready to get into the game, you can play however you like. Our Bitcoin bonuses always make it super rewarding to deposit and play with Bitcoin, so please take advantage of all the extra bonus cash available to Bitcoin players. You can find a number of casino promotions, but the biggest one is the Welcome Bonus, which can pay you up to $3,500 in bonus funds for a maximum eligible deposit.

With all that pressure and stress, it’s important to take some time for yourself. So go ahead – put your feet up or catch a spin, you won’t regret it!

When you’re ready to check out our most popular Asian table games, head to your Cafe Casino login, get in, and have a blast! Games from around the world are one of the things that make every online gaming session fun.