Crazy Christmas Slot Game Review


The rush for last-minute shopping, the chaos in the kitchen, and the frantic hustle and bustle of holiday events are an annual dance of… mostly controlled chaos. That’s the part of Christmas we tend to forget between drinks, but even when it crops up, we’ll be darned if we don’t love it all just the same.

The Cafe Casino Crazy Christmas slot takes the craziness of Christmas, turns it into a variety pack, and feeds it into one special game. Sure, you may have burnt the gingerbread cookies and tangled up the Christmas lights beyond salvation, but when you have a randomly awarded progressive jackpot and free spins with progressive multipliers waiting for you, all that becomes a small fry.

This Crazy Christmas online slot review will unveil the craziest Christmas you’ll ever have, but on the upside, it will be a holiday that you won’t forget.

Crazy Christmas Slots FAQ

Is Crazy Christmas only available during the holiday season?
Goodness no! More than a few players see this game as an adventure-themed slot: after all, the storyline will whisk you off to meet with Santa and his elves in the North Pole. You can wake up and begin the journey whenever the mood strikes – 365 days a year.

How do you win the progressive jackpot?
The progressive jackpot is won entirely at random after any spin – so stay alert!

How is the RTP?
The Crazy Christmas RTP is a healthy 96.63%. That means that, over a long period of time, you can expect to win back over 96% of your bets. 

Crazy Christmas Game Theme

The theme is Christmas — that much we know. But we also have an inkling that this is not your average Christmas scene.

The highest-paying toy symbols are wonky wonders: tugboats that don’t tug, dolls with teddy bear legs and marching soldiers, and the poor bears themselves sporting crooked eyeballs and random toy scraps for arms. Is anyone out there a Christmas doctor? You must help these elves as they go crazy with the toys!

At least the cookies are in perfect working order, as you’ll see with the lower-paying symbols decorated in frosting and sprinkles.

The Christmas spirit is charged on these reels, albeit a little off-kilter. And when you meet Santa and the head elf, you’ll be pretty sure the eggnog had a little sumpin’ extra mixed in, especially when the Big Man dramatically hiccups as he lands.

Crazy Christmas Game Format

A game screen showing reels and symbols are surrounded by three baked goods letters against a purple background.

The Crazy Christmas slot has 5 reels and 3 rows that are decked out with bows of 20 paylines and a merry RTP of 96.63%.

Free spins are neatly wrapped under the tree, ready to rip open with a minimum bet of $0.2 or a maximum bet of $200.

The progressive jackpot is the ultimate gift that’ll have you singing payday carols, which could be after any spin since it’s triggered at random.

When you play the Crazy Christmas slot through Bitcoin gambling, it’s as if the big jolly guy descends your game’s chimney to light a fire under your transactions. Your deposits are completed in record time, and your balance is lit up like Christmas lights in USD, because it’s always in season..

Crazy Christmas Game Features

‘Tis the season of tinsel, gingerbread, lights, and the yuletide features on display within this Crazy Christmas slot review.

Elf Symbol

Elves, of course, are helpful and hardworking beings, working year-round to assist St. Nick in preparing for Christmas. In the Crazy Christmas slot, the main elf exists to help you as a special symbol that appears with its own paytable on reel 1.


The head honcho and the Wild of the North Pole is none other than Santa Clause himself on reels 1, 3, and 5, complete with a bushy white beard, furry red hat, and eyeballs looking every which way at once. Did we mention this Christmas was crazy, or what?!


Perhaps the only sane character in this crazed Christmas adventure is the snowman with a respectable top hat, mustache, and monocle. Except… why is he holding a stick of dynamite? Something tells us this snowman won’t be snow for much longer.

Free Spins

In most games, the scatter is the symbol that triggers free spins. But as we’ve already seen, Crazy Christmas is far from your average slot.

When the elf appears on reel 1 and an oversized red button falls on reel 5, you’re given quite a special Christmas treat. You can choose one of the buttons presented to you for the chance to unwrap up to 25 free spins.

If yet another elf and red button appear on reels, a win multiplier increases, starting from 1 and reaching all the way up to 10.

Progressive Jackpot

Wilds, scatters, and free spins would already make for a smashing holiday season, but it just wouldn’t be a crazy Christmas if Santa wasn’t insisting that you declare this Christmas the best.

At any point in the game, he may grow fond of your spins and drop the progressive jackpot into your lap, and into your balance, truly making this the most spectacular holiday yet.

Once you get a taste of the jackpot joy, you can’t stop there. We also have Hot Drop Jackpots with jackpots that are required to trigger every 60 minutes as well as every 24 hours, making it Christmas every day.

Is Crazy Christmas Slot Game Worth a Spin?

Cartoon teddy, doll and a toy tugboat are surrounded by falling coins against a purple background.

With up to 25 free spins, progressive multipliers up to 10, and a progressive jackpot that can trigger at any time, the Crazy Christmas slot at Cafe Casino is the gift you’ve been hoping for all year.

If eggnog is worth a sip and jingle bells are worth a jingle, then Crazy Christmas is definitely worth a spin!

No one should spend Christmas alone. When you refer a friend to Cafe, you get the gift that keeps on giving with a generous referral bonus. Once you tear it open, you can play games with your bonus all year round.

Play Crazy Christmas Slot Game at Cafe Casino Now

Christmas is a joyous celebration full of warmth, tradition, goodwill, and, in the case of Cafe Casino Crazy Christmas slot – progressive multipliers and jackpots. No other slot online is equipped to make your Christmas as memorable as this one, even if it is a tad crazy.