Luxe 555 Slot Game Review

Luxe 555 Slot Game Review

You begin a regular slot game session; you choose your bet amount, you sit back and get yourself perfectly relaxed while you lose yourself in the game. The reels are raring to go, and when it comes to the slots prizes you stand to win – well, the rest is history.

That was the universal slot experience… until the Cafe Casino Luxe 555 slot danced into town.

With this refreshingly unique take on slot machines, you can expect to enjoy more control over your game than you ever have before.

Now, you can take the reins and choose exactly how much each payline pays. You can coast on the minimum wager and the minimum multiplier prize won. Or, if you’re lapping up the theme of extravagance, you can be a true high roller and crank that max bet and multiplier, and experience just as massive wins. Or something in between – it’s up to you!

And with the Player’s Choice bonus round, Luxe 555 is, without a doubt, luxury at its finest.

This is your personal invitation to play, with your name stylishly embossed in gold leaf at the very top. Ready to discover for yourself?



What’s the highest multiplier value on the adjustable Luxe paylines?
There are five paylines in the game that can award a max multiplier of 5x each.

Is this game good for mobile play?
It sure is. Whether you tend to play on desktop or on the go with mobile games, you can play Luxe 555 however you like it best.

Is Luxe 555 a Hot Drop Jackpot slot?
No, Luxe 555 has its own unique set of slots features. We do, however, have other online slots with Hot Drop Jackpots that must drop every hour, every day, or the Epic Progressive Jackpot that can drop at any time, so put those on your “must play” list, too.


As you’ll soon discover in this Luxe 555 online slot review, of all our Cafe Casino online slots, this one is built on pure luxury. It takes place with a backdrop that brings to mind an exclusive lounge with plush leather furniture.

The symbols of crimson red crowns and fives, black anchors, golden bells, and succulent fruits are all either lined in gold or polished with an expensive shine.

The music is uber cool, and you can practically taste the unlit Cuban peeking out from your blazer pocket as you pluck an hors d’oeuvre from the butler’s silver tray.

And this, esteemed player, is exactly the level of luxury you’d expect when you play this online slot.

LUXE 555 GAME FORMATAn up-close picture of an all-chrome front grill of a classic American car, focused on the license plate. On the plate are the words “game format” in white and purple, surrounded by falling 3D-animated gold coins.

Once you’re in the slot online, you’ll see a grid of 3 reels and 3 rows. There are automatically 5 paylines in play, each with adjustable multipliers.

You can play for as little as $0.25 for the minimum bet. If, however, you choose to take your elevated status seriously, you can bet as high as $100 for the maximum bet.

The best way to start your game and your life in the luxury lounge is to refer a friend, and we’ll add up a bonus to your account for you to enjoy.


If you’re looking for a slot at Cafe Casino that makes you feel like a million bucks, then this is your game. The features of Luxe 555 hit the mark on all things luxury!


When you play Luxe 555, you are given the option to set the multiplier value individually on each of the five paylines: 1x, 3x, or 5x.

To set them all to 1x, hit the “MIN” button. Hit the “MAX” button to boost each line to 5x.


Winning in the base game through the Luxe Line multipliers isn’t the only way to take advantage of your elite status.

With the Bonus Chance, you’re granted a special opportunity.

Whenever a spin occurs in which only two scatters land on two reels, the reel without the necessary third scatter will spin again, hopefully resulting in the final scatter you need.


Whenever two exactly alike stacked reels appear but no win is awarded, the reel without the matching stacked symbols respins not once, but three more times to give you another shot at pocketing a win.


When you’re invited to enter the Free Spin bonus feature, you won’t be treated like just any other patron. Instead, this classic slots game will yet again present you with control over your game.

You will be asked to select from one of three options:

Game One: Royal

10 free spins to start, all low-paying fruit symbols are removed from the reels

Game Two: Gold X

10 free spins to start, +1x rising win multipliers with every free spin

Game Three: Royal Gold X

5 free spins to start, plus both Game One and Game Two features

In any round, you can retrigger the feature with two or three more scatters, and those add +2 or +5 more free spins respectively. Max slots free spins is set at 100 with retriggers!

IS LUXE 555 SLOT GAME WORTH A SPIN?A purple-rainbow-colored Cadillac sits inside an American diner. Hovering on top of the car are three animated slots game symbols - an orange, a purple plum, and two red cherries. Overlaid are the words “game review”.

Wow. Are you feeling like a very important person, yet? It’s impossible not to feel like the elite when you go through this Luxe 555 slot review.

This game is all about putting the power in your hands. The classic, elegant theme makes the experience feel dignified and luxurious. Having control over the Luxe Lines means you can employ more detailed slots strategies, which is not something you can say for every game!

For a unique experience in a slots game that is all parts creative and classy, you absolutely have to try Luxe 555.

Plus, when you play at our casino – a best crypto casino – it’s super easy to get started by depositing with crypto.


In the Luxe 555 slot at Cafe Casino, you won’t find a complicated story or layers of features to follow. Instead, you are the star of the game, and you have all the admiration in the world. All it takes to shine is a wager or two, then your own selection of multipliers on the Luxe Lines. Then there’s nothing to do but kick back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy the lounge.