Get in the Christmas Spirit with a Johnny Drinks’ Family Tradition

Get in the Christmas Spirit with a Johnny Drinks’ Family Tradition

December 5, 2023.

By John Rondi

“Johnny Drinks” is a father and son duo who went viral by sharing their unique bond over cocktails. Over the years, John and Johnny have surpassed 4 million followers across their channels on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. But this duo goes beyond just drinks, they share their incredible family dynamic by teaching valuable life lessons and fatherly advice to the world.

Christmas, a season of joy and warmth, brings with it a sense of togetherness. In a world that often moves way too fast, it is important to slow down and remind yourself of the importance of family traditions. While we love TikTok and posting on social media, it’s easy to get sucked into the social media loop. It’s good to take time away from the screens and live in the present moment. The Christmas season is all about spreading joy and love and taking time to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with those you love the most. 

Christmas is one of my family’s favorite holidays because we get to host at our house for the entire family. Every family has its own unique way of celebrating Christmas, and in our house, the holiday season isn’t complete without some signature cocktails. We’re not called “Johnny Drinks” for nothing. But for Christmas, it’s not just my dad and I; each year, we all chip in and get to create our own unique Christmas drink ideas.

It all began with my dad, whose love for fine liquor and specialty cocktails spurred him to experiment with mixology himself. He strived to elevate our holiday celebrations with a special touch – creating a signature family cocktail. His first creation was what he named, “Senor Santa”, a not-so-traditional holiday drink that sparked a new tradition

John Rondi’s hand is pouring Blanco Tequila from a chrome shot glass into a glass tumbler that is set on a wooden table adjacent to two other glass tumblers with alcohol.

Every Christmas after that, our family experienced a new signature cocktail. But we couldn’t let him have all the fun. We obviously had to put our two cents in and create our own versions of the “perfect” Christmas cocktail recipe. Although my dad would disagree, we’ve had some amazing cocktails come from rather unexpected family members.

What makes our signature cocktail tradition truly special is its adaptability; there’s no “wrong” way to make a drink. Whether you prefer something more traditional like a Manhattan or want to make something revolutionary like a “Christmas in Hawaii”, you can make a drink adapt to whatever mood you’re feeling for the holiday season and celebrate in your own style. 

In a world that often rushes by, our signature cocktail tradition is a reminder to savor the moment, appreciate the art of creativity, and celebrate the unique flavors that each family member brings to the mix. As we join together and toast to the future, we’re not just raising a drink; we’re raising a somewhat unconventional symbol of our family, the perfect blend of tradition and creation that makes our family uniquely ours.

We’re aware that our family tradition might not be for everyone, but one thing we do know is that everyone will enjoy the start of our tradition, the “Senor Santa”. 

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Now, let us show you how we make one of the best Christmas drink ideas.

Senor~Santa Cocktail Recipe

The ingredients for the Senor Santa Cocktail Recipe by Johnny Drinks including a decanter of Blanco Tequila, strawberry pureé in a white bottle, whipped cream in a red canister, and a lime; all positioned on a cutting board.

What you need:

•  2oz Blanco Tequila
• 1oz Strawberry Purée
• 1 Lime  
•  Whipped Cream or Egg Nog 

How to make it:

• Shake ingredients with ice. 
• Strain into a tumbler or margarita glass.
• Garnish with lime wedge. 
• Top with a layer of egg nog or whipping cream.
• Garnish with rosemary and red berries.

Johnny Drinks’ recipe for the Senor Santa Cocktail is in a glass tumbler, featuring pink color liquid with white whipped cream on top and a garnish of green rosemary.

Feel free to share with your friends and post a picture on social media of your masterpiece. If you do, tag us (@johnnydrinks_ and @cafecasinolv) and we’ll repost it! Enjoy the holiday season, and may it be filled with health, wealth and happiness!

This recipe is intended for 21+; please enjoy responsibly!

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