Ancient Egyptian Slots and a Pyramid of Wins

Ancient Egyptian Slots and a Pyramid of Wins

The pyramids of Giza. King Tut. The Nile. Hieroglyphics. Cleopatra. The Sphinx. Mummies. And all those timeless adventure movies that have inspired our imaginations over the years.

When it comes to other-worldly mysteries right here on earth, Egypt has it all, and so do Egypt slots, or Egyptian-themed slots.

The ancient Egyptians were one of the oldest and most celebrated civilizations in the world. We have them to thank in a large part for our writing, mathematics, astrology, and inspiring architecture. But at Cafe Casino, there’s much, much more to be thankful for.

Because the legends and the relics and monuments of Egypt’s Dynastic era persist, so too does popular interest in them. It follows that Egyptian slot machine games are one of the most popular slot themes to immerse yourself in. You can live the life of pharaohs, roam through scenic kingdoms, and indulge in icons of pure gold. Of course, that’s not to mention all the gold you’ll be collecting.

These online slots will have you trying a gamble feature inside a palace, uncovering hidden treasure with rotating reels inside a tomb, and coming face-to-face with Egyptian gods as they bless you with multiplier wheels.

It’s time to enter Egypt through our most popular Cafe Casino Egyptian slots, and see for yourself.

A NIGHT WITH CLEO HOT DROP JACKPOTSCleopatra – the 3D-animated character from the Cafe Casino slot game, A Night With Cleo – is featured in the center of a yellow background, surrounded by lucky symbols and gold coins.

A Night With Cleo Hot Drop Jackpots isn’t just a diamond among our Egyptian slot games. It’s also one of the top casino games overall, as chosen by our players.

The wildly popular game features Cleopatra, the original femme fatale, seducing you with her sultry gaze inside her Egyptian castle.

The Nile glistens just under your gold-rimmed symbols as they spin. Rings, necklaces, a scarab, and the Eye of Horus spin seductively through the reels. The pyramids, tall and mighty, loom in the background with their peaks lit up by the moon.

Your aim is to unlock the slots features, which will get you closer to Cleopatra.

If you land three keyhole scatters, you’ll be one step closer to Cleo in a private room during a slots free spins round. You could find yourself collecting up to 180 free spins through retriggers, and your wins here are tripled. But that’s not where the story ends.

Cleo may take a particular liking to you during your game. If she does, you’ll join her by the palace pond for a special gamble feature. You can access this special feature after any winning spin. We don’t want to unveil all the mysteries, but Cleo will offer you a rather risqué surprise on top of up to five chances to double your winnings.

Most importantly, you just might encounter three special crowns anywhere on the palace grounds. Three crowns will award you a jackpot wheel with three Hot Drop Jackpots. These must-drop jackpots are required to trigger every hour, every day, or the Epic jackpot, which is a progressive jackpot that can drop at any time and award huge amounts. It’s enough to make Cleo raise her eyebrows.


If you loved consorting with Egypt’s most stunning pharaoh and her Hot Drop Jackpots, she invites you again to join her in her A Night with Cleo progressive jackpot slot, too.

You’ll enjoy the same features in the progressive slot as you did in the other version. But this time instead of must-drop jackpots, Cleo may reward you with her progressive jackpot – you just won’t know if she’ll be in the mood to drop the game’s biggest prize, let alone when. The jackpot is released at random, and the best part is that you don’t need to stick on the max bet size! The jackpot could land with any bet amount.

The closer you get to Cleo, the more she may reveal about her intriguing life, like her unlikely love affair with Caesar of Rome. The two lovers came together despite their opposing political status, and you can discover Caesar’s side of the story inside the Caesar’s Victory slot review.


The most prominent religious center in all of ancient Egypt was the Luxor Temple. It took over a century to build, under the rule of multiple pharaohs including Amenhotep III, Ramses II, and Tutankhamun.

Today, the looming temple can be seen with your own eyes on the golden sand grounds on the east bank of the Nile, as well as inside the Temple of Luxor slot. Only one of these is available at a whim.

The animal gods of Egypt – Thoth the Ibis, Horus the Falcon, Anubis the Jackal, and Sobek the Crocodile – zealously guard the reels. And it’s no easy task. This truly unique Egyptian slot machine has two sets of reels with 100 paylines between them and a bonus grid of 50 paylines.

The Ankh symbol in Egypt stands for eternal life and, in this case, it leads to seemingly eternal reels. If you land two or more Ankh symbols on both sets of reels, they’ll merge into one game of 11 reels, as you’re awarded 10 free spins. At every spin, three random reels will turn Wild, which is no doubt the result of your graciousness before the symbols of the great Egyptian gods.

GODS OF GIZA ENHANCEDThe logo from the Cafe Casino slot game, Gods of Giza Enhanced, is pictured against a purple background, surrounded by symbols from the slot and floating gold coins.

If you visit the Giza Plateau in Egypt, you will lay your eyes on some of the most astounding monuments from ancient times. The Great Sphinx stands strong and focused, just in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza reaching into the sky with its stone peak.

Inside Gods of Giza Enhanced, you enter the Great Pyramid and explore the treasures that the gods have hidden inside, spinning over hieroglyphs carved into the stone.

The scarab is a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The same is true for the Wild scarab in this Egyptian slot machine, which is reincarnated as something entirely new when it replaces symbols (excluding scatters) to help form winning combinations.

You are encouraged to embrace the symbol of the Ankh scatter, because this will lead you to the free spins round where the reels rotate four times at 90 degrees for each spin, allowing you to win more on each rotation. Eight free spins is actually 32 free spins!

If you have a favorable game, you’ll be looking at your bankroll gleefully. And, as the best crypto casino online, Cafe Casino allows you to withdraw your winnings through crypto for a super-speedy payday. Getting set up with crypto is easy, too, and it only takes a few minutes.


Cleopatra was never known to be ordinary. She was extraordinary; a fascinating woman adored by her people. Her beauty and mystique could never be captured in a few short sentences; much like her allure cannot be captured in just one of our Cafe Casino online slots.

Cleopatra’s Gold gives you the chance to see yet another side of the striking, powerful Pharaoh.

Bastet the Egyptian cat god stands firm and proud on the reels. When the Scarab symbol and the eye of Horus appear alongside Cleopatra, a higher prize is awarded.

The Great Pyramids are always looming just ahead, and landing three of them will award 15 free spins. These free slot spins can be retriggered when three or more pyramids appear yet again. Then, you’ll be throwing a casino-themed party if the mighty Cleo uses her power to help you win a random progressive jackpot, too.

GODS OF LUXORThe logo consisting of 3D-animated characters from Cafe Casino’s slot game, Gods of Luxor, is pictured in the center of a yellow background, surrounded by gold coins.

In another take on the great city of Luxor, Gods of Luxor invites you on a 3D journey with the gods. You are guided over the desert to a temple, but the entrance is blocked by a 5×3 board of rotating stone symbols.

If you can get past gods like Anubis and Sobek, you may be able to reach the Wheel of the Gods with its seven multipliers. This multiplier wheel may appear after any winning spin. Here, the gods will grant you one spin to reveal a reward that multiplies your latest win.

The Ankh is your scatter, and three award 15 free spins where all your wins are multiplied by 3x. They can be retriggered in this online slot.

The thrill of it all is enough to have you wishing for a travel companion. You can have one, too! To share the adventure of Egypt slots, you can invite a friend to play as well. If they successfully deposit, you could get a casino referral bonus.

Egypt is a lot closer than you think! These Ancient Egyptian slots are a portal into history, connecting adventurous players to one of our planet’s oldest and greatest civilizations. You can gaze into the eyes of Horus or Anubis, touch eternal life with the Ankh, and discover hidden gold with a stunning pharaoh tempting you into her abode. Are you ready to learn their secrets?