Biggest Myths Around Online Slots

Biggest Myths Around Online Slots

The questions about the legitimacy of slot machines are legend. Been around for decades. Been asked and answered thousands of times. Been believed and disbelieved just as much.

People talk openly about them being rigged. Others insist that slots have hot streaks or special times of the day when the winning really happens. Some say that there’s a lot of cheating going on. And like so many myths, the more they are repeated, the more they sound like the truth.

The problem is that all slot myths are categorically untrue. As in false. Incorrect. Fictional. How do we know this? Because, at Cafe Casino, we operate well over a hundred of them, 24 hours every day, and we know exactly how they work.

Now, we’re going to tell you and everyone else out there who believes in fables why and how it’s impossible to rig, cheat or affect an online slot game. Let’s dispel the biggest myths around online slots right now!

And after this, learn a ton more by getting answers to our FAQs about online casinos.

WHEN’S THE BEST TIME TO PLAY SLOTS?A cartoon sun on a blue cloudy sky background and a moon on a starry-night background to indicate day and night on mobile phones

No one has ever figured out when any Cafe Casino online slots will pay off. That’s what makes playing slots online so much fun – the excitement of never knowing when or what you’re going to win. It’s just luck. Any spin at any time on any day could land a life-changing jackpot. Or a smaller win could happen and pay for your play time for the rest of the evening. Or you could hit a dud and move on.

So, when is the best time to play slots online? Whenever you’re in the mood for some fun and excitement after a long day or night at work. Play your favorite slots when you feel like it. No pressure. No time constraint. Play for an hour or play for a couple of hours, just play for fun!

It’s up to you, which is why our online slots are always ready to play.

There’s just one exception to this myth thanks to our new Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots. These are set to drop every hour, every day, all the time. In fact, the in-game widget turns red hot when they are close to dropping, indicating it might be a good time to jump in and start playing!


No. Online slots are not video games with workarounds, Easter eggs or so-called cheat codes. They’re not built for that. These are slot machine myths. Sure, every slot has its idiosyncrasies, twists, betting limits and rules, but they all have one similar and important feature: a random number generator (RNG).

The RNG is what determines the combination of symbols on the reels. It’s a software that produces random results with zero interference from outside influences. You play against a computer that has no skin in the game. The basic rules are the same for every slot online. Choose your wager, press the spin button (or spacebar for some games), sit back and hope for a winning combination. Your results are unpredictable, making your odds of winning exactly the same with every spin. Can you win money on online slots? Yes. And we can help you boost your wins on the slots.


Government or state lotteries are also driven by RNGs, yet people win all the time. Your lucky numbers cannot affect a lottery’s outcome because, like we said, the software’s algorithm is random. And in actual fact, slot games are a better bet.

Contrary to a lottery, you can improve your chances of winning by learning how to play slots such as knowing the rules and understanding the role features play in a game.

For example, it pays to know if you need to bet a certain amount of coins to be eligible for a slots feature, or the in’s and out’s of how a bonus game works, so you can make the most of your gameplay.

The reels on your selected slot game are usually themed icons that you need to match in specific ways for a win. However, many slots include wilds that substitute for those icons, which increases your chances. Plus, there are scatters, special symbols that can trigger bonus features like free spins (or free games) and multipliers, which act exactly as advertised: they multiply your payout. We’ve seen them multiply a wager by 3,000x!

When you add the various bonus rounds that can happen as you play, you start to see how your random win at the slots can grow to some rather large rewards.

DO SLOTS HAVE HOT STREAKS?A golden wheel of fortune spins through winning prizes including jackpots

No. Only players have hot streaks, and no one can explain that phenomenon beyond being good old-fashioned luck. Among online slot myths, this one’s a biggie.

You might be able to generate your personal hot streak by playing the right slot game for you. How do you find the right game? It’s going to be the slot or slots that you enjoy playing. If you like sports gamesaction slotsanimals slots and any other host of slots themes, we’ve got something that will stimulate your imagination and fuel your excitement. You will most likely play these games more often and, mathematically speaking, the randomness of the results could start working in your favor. At the same time, your first spin on an arbitrarily selected slot game could pay off with a progressive jackpot. Random is as random does.

You have to decide what kind of player you are. If you like the thrill of going for progressive big wins or if you prefer steadily consistent smaller wins, there’s a bunch of slot games for you at Cafe Casino.

The closest thing that may determine whether a slot is hot or not is its slots return-to-player (RTP) rating. A slot’s RTP is the percentage of money the game will pay back over the long term. Playing slots with RTPs of 97% or higher can put you in the winner’s circle more often.


Gaming associations around the world consider Cafe Casino to be totally legitimate and completely safe. Our thousands of positive customer reviews online have helped us become one of the most popular online casinos around. We also adhere to best practices for transparency and data security.

When people ask, “Are online slots rigged?” we remind them that Cafe Casino is licensed by Curacao, a gaming regulatory body providing licenses for reputable and safe online casinos across America.

Plus, our games are provided by a well-known and highly respected gaming industry leader. Our website is SSL encrypted and we offer multiple deposit methods, including casino crypto. We protect and preserve our good reputation for our thousands of players every day of the week.


There’s nothing mythical about what Cafe Casino can and does do for our players. Beyond an amazing selection of more than 100 slots, we sweeten the entire offer with a ton of bonuses and specialties.

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