Cafe Casino’s Most Popular Slots

Cafe Casino’s Most Popular Slots to Play Now

If Cafe Casino was a brick-and-mortar place, we would need a lot of floor space for the hundreds of slot games we offer. There wouldn’t be enough room to fit all the people who come here to play.

We’re not bragging (well, we kind of are), but we’ve got some of the most popular slots on the planet. Our players say they enjoy the variety of games. There are themes that feature Vegas, Egypt, sci-fi, Greek mythology, and more. Some boast huge progressive jackpots, while others deliver smaller, consistent paydays. We have classics (reminiscent of one-armed bandits), alongside video slots filled with complex bonus rounds and mini games!

There’s definitely no chance you’ll get bored at this online casino! And, of course, there’s no waiting around for your turn like in a land-based one, either.

Ultimately, some online slots do a better job of satisfying people’s desire for fun, excitement, and money – that’s what makes them the hottest games around. Check out our list of the Cafe Casino most popular slots to play – it just might inspire your next spin!


When you can’t go to Vegas, we bring Vegas to you! Launch 10 Times Vegas and let the neon splendor radiating from your screen electrify your senses. This is digital excitement with real money slot rewards! Once you get your hands on this game, you’re not letting go.

10 Times Vegas is all energy with rapidly spinning reels and wilds that can trigger multipliers expanding to 100X. Then those wilds can retrigger for a chance at a win, leading to a Jackpot Spin and a shot at the progressive jackpot.

If you love old-school slot machines (and who doesn’t? That’s why it’s a popular slot, after all!), we’ve taken it up a notch or ten with an onscreen paytable that will drive you to make every spin count.

It’s glittery, flashy, and sinfully delightful, and could stuff your bankroll to overflowing if you play it right. Read our 10 Times Vegas slot review before heading to Sin City online.


America’s great plains buffalo is a massive animal once cherished and revered. Hunted to near extinction, these incredible beasts are thriving again back in North America and on the digital plains right here at

Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpots, a 6-reel, 4-line slots game, has now replaced the thrill of the chase with a decidedly more eco-friendly search that pays off in over 4,000 ways. This is your chance to ride into the old west, capture the mysterious Golden Buffalo and bring home the buffalo bacon!

This hunt is epic with wild multipliers that could boost your winnings by 3,125 times! Plus, there are three Hot Drop Jackpots that just might help you take down a heavy fortune in gold, including a daily drop jackpot averaging $25,000.


The Queen of the Nile charmed Julius Caesar right into his assassination. It’s no wonder this 5-reel, 20-line video slot is killing it with our Cafe Casino players.

A Night With Cleo invites you into Cleopatra’s private boudoir to spin her reels. This is no ordinary slot. There’s an exclusive Pick Me Double Up feature designed to double your winnings and increase your chances with the beautiful pharaoh. If you get everything right, Cleo begins revealing her own personal assets (wink, wink). Double your winnings five consecutive times and you can visit her private pyramids, which are spectacular. 

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to charm the pharaoh who seduced several all-powerful men (we’re looking at you, Marc Antony), we will bow to your omnipotence. Maybe take a look at our A Night With Cleo slot review first!


The Greek god of the sky, Zeus, descended from Mount Olympus to rule the world and share his enormous wealth. Seems like a natural decision, then, to turn him into an online slot game known for massive cash prizes. 

When you play Fury of Zeus, a classic 3-row, 5-reel, 20-payline slot game, you will understand why it has earned the praises of our players – not just for its stunning graphics and divine theme, but also for its extraordinarily easy game play. 

Among the Greek-style nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace symbols are golden wilds granting rewards worthy of a deity. Golden scatters are famous for triggering almighty free spins!

Fury of Zeus is a popular slot online because of its mythical fantasy theme matched with fantastic win potential (ie. A random progressive jackpot!). Immerse yourself in a world of endless riches when you hit spin, and be sure to spread the word about it, too. When you tell friends about our online slots, you can earn a Cafe Casino referral bonus.


Arcade-style slots are really big right now. So it’s no surprise that Reels and Wheels XL is one of the most played slot games at the Cafe. 20 paylines and free spins mean more chances to build your bankroll, while the two Bonus and Jackpot Wheels are huge parts part in this slot’s appeal.

Once you’re into the game, you can see all the different payouts on the left side of the screen. If you’re looking for a mega payday, you’ll want to land the Bonus symbols on reels 1 and 3 with the Wheel symbol on reel 5 to make the first wheel appear and spin. This is where you find the big multipliers (up to 500x), along with entry to the massive Jackpot wheel. Once there, you have a shot at 5 different jackpots! (Want more details? Read our Reels and Wheels XL slot review.)

Reels and Wheels XL is extra big fun on your desktop or mobile device.


Instant Inferno is a smoking hot online slot with its thermostat turned all the way up to deep-fried sizzle. 

You only need 5 reels and 30 lines in your search for some incredible prizes. Last year, one of our players snatched a cool $60,000 from the inferno in an instant. And that’s exactly how Instant Inferno rolls.

If that isn’t enough to get your own temperature rising, there’s way more. The Pick Me bonus section features 20 tiles hiding an unreal prize. If you uncover three matching tiles, you could get up to 20 free spins with multipliers. 

On your mobile or desktop, Instant Inferno is the hottest choice for awesome rewards, dazzling graphics, blazing reels, and super-heated chances to win big. 


The greenery of the Emerald Isle soothes the soul like a swig of Irish whiskey or a thick stack of freshly folded greenbacks. Larry’s Lucky Tavern is a fairytale featuring a nimble tune, a leprechaun fiddler, some beer, four-leaf clovers… and, if you’re fortunate, the luck of the Irish.

Larry’s Lucky Tavern is a classic, 5-reel, 3-line popular slot with plenty of wilds, bonus features, free spins, plus 50 winlines. Your wins are multiplied by your wager, so don’t be shy. Spin the reels when you’re ready to dance and stop them when you feel your luck reaching its peak. 

This slot is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to the peace and quiet of the Irish countryside, but be assured that the winning can come quick like a bouncy jig, and there are definitely pots of gold at the end of this rainbow. Our Larry’s Lucky Tavern slot review covers all this and more.


There’s hundreds of Cafe Casino online slots to get players like you spinning, winning, and grinning every day, all day.

All you’ve got to do is come and play! To get started, select one of our Bitcoin gambling deposit options, and your account will be loaded up easily and conveniently within minutes.