Clash of Queens Slot Game Review

Clash of Queens Slot Game Review

There are some stories that, in their own small way, shape who we are; stories that we’ve heard since childhood when they sparked our imagination and left their indelible impressions. Two such stories are Lewis Carol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass.

In the Cafe Casino Clash of Queens slot, two of the most memorable characters from Through the Looking Glass, the Red and White Queens, come to life on the reels as they engage in a battle for your bets in the bonus round feature.

Inspired by Alice, you’ll need to spin your way through a strange and magical world, but with the benefit of some peculiar friends in the game who are ready to help you discover the biggest possible payouts.

After you finish up this Clash of Queens slot review, peer into the mirror, take a running leap, and hit spin. Your next adventure awaits you in this online slot at Cafe!


Which set of prizes is better: the Red Queen’s or the White Queen’s?
Both sets of prizes in the Clash of Queens slot at Cafe Casino are designed to offer an equal amount of value to your balance. Just go with the one that feels right at that very moment.

Do you still win a prize even if your Queen loses in the Clash of Queens Battle?
Yes! How curious, right? And, as you’ll discover in this Clash of Queens online slot review, you still get some kind of prize whether they win or lose the battle.

Does this online slot have Hot Drop Jackpots?
Hot Drop Jackpots are slots that have three must drop jackpots that trigger at key intervals. While the Clash of Queens slot doesn’t have those, it does have multiple opportunities to win substantial prizes.


Clash of Queens is one of our best adventure slots to get lost in. You will encounter familiar characters as your highest-paying symbols such as the Red and White Queens, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and Humpty Dumpty, just like Alice did as she found her way through the world.

The most important characters, of course, are the two Queens, and you get to know them very well when you meet them inside this online slot’s main bonus feature: the Clash of Queens Battle.

CLASH OF QUEENS GAME FORMATA mobile phone is shown front and center of the image, previewing a screen from the Cafe Casino slot game, Clash of Queens, while an American diner appears in the background.

Clash of Queens is impressive with high-end graphics that resemble more of a video game than a slot online. There are 5 reels3 rows, and 25 paylines which can be adjusted.

The minimum to play is $0.01, and the maximum bet amount is $40.00. That means the battle on the chessboard is accessible for anyone to stake their bid and benefit from the outcome.

When you play Clash of Queens slot, it’s best to do it through Bitcoin gambling. That way you only need $10 to play, and if you win big like the game’s max payout of 750x your stake, you can withdraw a higher limit at one time via crypto.


There’s some exhilarating game features in this online slots Wonderland. Let’s take a look, shall we?


The mirror is the doorway that led you to the land in the first place, and in this online slot, it’s the Wild symbol which can transform into any other regular symbol to help form a new win, on reels 2 to 5.


The Queens will be battling it out over your bets within the main feature, and their swords crossed over the Clash of Queens logo is your scatter, which pays from any position.


To come face-to-face with the Queens, you’ll need to land one Queen on reel 1 and the other on reel 5. Either will do for this Cafe Casino online slots game.

At this moment, you are transported to the castle where you’ll encounter a floor resembling a chessboard, and then you are asked to make your choice. Will you engage in battle for the Red Queen feature or the White Queen feature?

Your choice determines your fate, and if the Queen you selected is the one that wins, you sure made a good one.

If the White Queen wins…

If you chose the White Queen and she wins the battle, you flip over a series of symbols that reveal prizes, then gather them at 2X the value when you reveal the symbol that says “Collect”.
If you selected the White Queen and she doesn’t win the battle, you still get to play the feature, but the prizes are awarded at their regular value.

If the Red Queen wins…

If you chose the Red Queen and she wins the battle, you are awarded 8 slots free spins from which up to three random reels (from 2 to 5) can turn Wild.
If you selected the Red Queen and she doesn’t win the battle, you still get the same feature but with 4 free spins instead of 8.

IS CLASH OF QUEENS SLOT GAME WORTH A SPIN?Two central animated characters from the Cafe Casino slot game, Clash of Queens, are shown in the center of the image - one in silver, the other in red, while a ‘50-style American diner is seen in the background, with floating oversized gold coins surrounding the animated queens.

As long as you have an active imagination and appreciate a game full of adventure and magic, along with a sprinkle of nostalgia, you’re going to love playing Clash of Queens slot.

Before you dive in and join the story, we always recommend referring a friend to play games with elaborate features, such as this one at Cafe Casino. That way, you’ll start off with a bonus for referring them, and you have more opportunities to explore the exciting features.


Clash of Queens slot is a brand-new adventure unlike any that you’ve had before at Cafe Casino. The base game alone will enrapture your senses as if you really had just landed on the other side of the mirror. The characters call out, ready to help you discover the new and unfamiliar land, and the Clash of the Queens Battle brings it all to a head as you pick a side and reap the rewards of the winning Queen.

Get ready for the newest tale of Alice In Moneyland.