Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game Review

Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game Review

A humbling 71% of Earth is veiled by oceans – that’s 320 million cubic miles – and we land creatures have barely dipped a toe in the surface. Yet, humanity’s quest for treasure beneath the waves is a tale as old as time.

In the Cafe Casino Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots slot, a sliver of the ocean’s secrets is unveiled through reels teeming with pearly treasures.

Wilds, free spins, and a Hold & Win game plunge into uncharted depths, and alluring Hot Drop Jackpots lead you to the ocean’s sunken chest of gold.

The entire ocean game is a treasure trove of mystery, but you won’t be diving into the unknown. Cafe Casino is your diving buddy, and this Pearl Pursuit online slot review is your guide through the waves of prizes – and trust us – there are more features than grains of sand at the bottom of the sea. 

Pearl Pursuit Slots FAQ

Does this game have a good slots RTP?
The RTP of the Pearl Pursuit slot at Cafe Casino is 96.48% which is above average and a reliable choice.

Do I have to play with Hot Drop Jackpots?
While Hot Drop Jackpots are some of our most popular slots, we also offer Pearl Pursuit as a regular game, and the sea of features is more or less the same.

How do you enter the Hold & Win game?
You have to land from 6 to 14 pearls anywhere in the base game, and the water propels you toward the Hold & Win game.

Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots Theme

When you play Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots slot, the reels undulate in search of precious pearls that lead to the Hold & Win game.

You wade through spins featuring Mermaids that glide with waves of orange hair, dolphins that flap their fins, starfish that cling to the seabed, and tropical fish that blow bubbles – all as the highest-paying symbols.

Before you venture into uncharted waters, allow us to lend you a fin. Cafe Casino extends unlimited referral bonuses your way for any number of friends that buddy up on your Pearl Pursuit dive – or for any other online slots, for that matter – as long as they suit up and make a successful deposit.

Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots Format

A 5x3 slot grid filled with symbols is surrounded by a fish and a seashell wild, all atop an ocean scene and a blue background.

The sea is boundless with paths to swim and explore, and the Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots slot at Cafe Casino has channeled 243 ways to kick your flippers and win.

With 5 reels, 3 rows, and an RTP of 96.48%, the world is your oyster as long as you have a minimum bet of $0.2, up to a maximum bet of $100.

The deeper you dive into the features, the greater your chances of winning the maximum win per spin of 3,500x your bet, making this underwater adventure a VIP slot game that high rollers swim to.

When a current of wins rolls in, you’ll be buoyant with joy to know that Cafe Casino is a BTC Casino, or Bitcoin casino. That means that once your Bitcoin crypto withdrawal request is approved, your payday rides the wave to your bank account within 15 minutes or less.

Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots Features

Before you explore the deep blue, we recommend you hang back for a rundown with this Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots slot review, just to ensure you don’t get lost in the vastness of features.


Seashells represent the spirit of discovery, and they adorn your spins as ornate Wilds on reels 2, 3, and 4.


As the mysteries of the deep unfold, a treasure chest scatter rests on the reel-ocean bed. At times, it dislodges from its sandy grip and floats onto the reels in sets of 3, 4, or 5, unlocking 8, 15, or 20 free spins with multipliers floating up to 27x.

Hold & Win

Once the game picks up, keep going with the flow. A school of 6 to 14 shiny pearls may float by, triggering the Hold & Win game. If you gather 15 pearls, the dollar sums on each pearl are added up, the total is multiplied by 3.

Cash Pearls

Shiny pearls are at the heart of almost every deep sea legend. For this one, they’re bobbing in plain sight in both the main game and the Hold & Win game, with values of 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x your total bet.

Gold Pearls

Once the pearls stack up, you’ll be holding your breath to see what the tide brings in next.

Gold Pearls drift by in both the main and the Hold & Win games, and that’s when the total multiplier of all Cash Pearls is added into each Gold Pearl in view, resulting in a win that will have you rushing to the surface and gasping for air.

Hot Drop Jackpots

Just when you think the underwater adventure can’t get any more exciting, the tides change again. That’s when three crown symbols heed the call of the conch and the Hot Drop Jackpots.

Once per hour and once per day, bubbles burst into cash as the hourly and daily Hot Drop Jackpots pop. 

A tidal wave of cash may wash you back to shore in the form of the Epic Jackpot, which must drop before it reaches a specific dollar value, and floods your balance with a Pacific-sized win.

Is Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game worth a spin?

Gold coins float around a treasure chest – symbols from the Cafe Casino online slot Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots – with an A and a K on either side, all over a blue background.

If you want to try something new from the land and take a deep dive into an ocean of features, X marks the spot in the Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots slot.

With a minimum bet of $0.2 and the potential for a maximum win per spin of 3,500x your bet, this online slot has vast opportunities to get paid for every stroke (BTW – the higher your bet, the higher your max win).

Add the possibility of winning a Hot Drop Jackpot every hour in the water, and you have an underwater slot adventure that’s well worth diving for. 

Play Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game at Cafe Casino Now

The treasure chest sinks and your adrenaline soars in Pearl Pursuit Hot Drop Jackpots. Scour the ocean floor for free spins, multipliers, and summed-up dollar values worth their weight in pearls, and dip your hand in for Hot Drop Jackpots submerged just below your next spin.

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