Quiz: What Christmas Dessert Are You? (And the Slot to Pair With It)

Quiz: What Christmas Dessert Are You? (And the Slot to Pair With It)

The Christmas season has arrived in style, which means your calendar is likely brimming with activity: parties, gatherings, endless treats and indulgences, and all manner of festivities that celebrate this special time of year.

While family rituals, gestures of goodwill and the spirit of giving always carries the most significance, the remainder belongs on the plate, somewhere between the roast potatoes and the cranberry sauce, already anticipating that sweet kick of the next course.

Yep – it’s food that has many of us salivating with anticipation each time the calendar flips another day closer to the 25th. Tasty desserts like gingerbread cookies and fruitcakes materialize from recipe book to serving dish. There’s an entire buffet of festive desserts to choose from – and we can help guide you straight to the perfect choice for you.

Ready to discover which dessert will make your holiday extra divine? Take the quiz and then scroll down to see your results. Plus, we pair the desserts with our top Cafe Casino online slots – filled with treats like multipliers, progressive jackpots and free spins – which you can play to liven up every bite.   

More About Your Results

An assortment of Christmas desserts including snowball cookies, Black Forest cake and yule log, on a red background.

Snowball Cookies: Play Snow Wonder Slot

Winter isn’t winter without getting knee-deep in the snow followed by the construction of the world’s tallest snowman. When you think about it, “rolling” is a theme for the holidays, from the snowball to the body of the snowman, and in this case, to the Snow Wonder slot and Snowball cookies.

To make the cookies, combine your butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, flour, and finely chopped nuts into a dough. Roll it into small balls and bake until golden. Roll them again in powdered sugar, roll up to Snow Wonder, and you’ve got one of the finest snacks while playing online slots.

Once you’ve made fast work of the cookies, you’ll next want to dig into the slot online at Cafe Casino. You can collect a prize by landing matching symbols across one simple payline with 3 reels. It’s a true classic, right there with a snowball fight. 

Black Forest Cake with Coconut: Play Reindeer Wild Wins XL Slot

The Cafe Casino slots game logo for Reindeer Wild Wins XL beside a Black Forest chocolate cake, against a red background.

The forest in winter is a gorgeous sight with a pure white blanket over richly dark undertones, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Black Forest Cake. The picturesque dessert is a decadent one. Bake two chocolate cakes, layer them in whipped cream and cherries, and liberally frost the top with whipped cream and coconut flakes.

In Reindeer Wild Wins XL, the wintery scene brings the forest from your mouth to the reels with reindeer bounding through 1,024 paylines and stamping their marks in the snow.

Christmas spirit surrounds three huntresses in a festive glow as they chase the reindeer in a sleigh. They hunt down Wild multipliers of 2, 3, and 4 within a round of up to 25 free spins. At the same time, you’ll be doing some hunting of your own in search of the best cherry-filled bite on your fork.

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Yule Log: Play Santa’s Ways Hot Drop Jackpots

Perhaps one of the best parts of winter is retreating inside after shoveling the snow, knowing a warm, cozy fire awaits you in the heart of your home.

If the fire dies down and your appetite ramps up, that’s a good time to make a yule log – guaranteed to leave you with a satisfying fire in the belly. Bake a sponge cake, slather it in chocolate buttercream, and roll it into a log. If you have the artistic flair, use a fork to make artful indents in the buttercream that resemble the bark texture of a log of wood.

Once you’re warmed through to the bones with Christmas spirit, call on Santa to jazz up your living room with extra-glowy decorations (like expanding Wilds, free spins and Hot Drop Jackpots) from one of our popular Christmas slots: Santa’s Ways Hot Drop Jackpots.

There’s a jackpot dropping down the chimney at least once every 60 minutes as well as one every 24 hours, so Christmas never stops – it only drops.

Ice Cream Pie: Play Crazy Christmas Slot

A slice of ice cream Oreo cake on a plate next to the Crazy Christmas slots game logo, against a red background.

If you ran a poll asking the ordinary American what their favorite Christmas dessert was, chances are, ice cream wouldn’t win the popular vote. But you’re not the ordinary American, and that’s what makes you… extraordinary.

Let’s dig out three flavors of ice cream. How about green chocolate mint, red raspberry swirl, and snow-white vanilla? (We’ve got to keep that Christmas theme going strong!) Layer up the ice cream colors in a pie crust, top it with whipped cream, and dig into a Crazy Christmas to remember.

One of our most standout online slots, set in the North Pole’s manufacturing hub, doesn’t much like convention either. The toys are all out of whack and off-kilter with their mismatching parts; free spins are running amok with multipliers; and a random progressive jackpot is about to topple into the snow. Talk about a great time!

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