Gold Rush Gus & the City of Riches Review

Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches Slot Game Review

Gold Rush Gus is a legend here at Cafe Casino! In fact, he’s probably the most legendary miner on our digital planet. After discovering tons of precious gems in the mines of the old west, he’s moved on to explore new territory deep in the jungle, and his fortune is expanding by the minute!

The truth is that Gus works too much. The poor rich man is now dog-tired and he’s begging for help to dig for gold. Mining gold is actually a perfect metaphor for this 3-row, 5-reel, 10-payline slot. Every time you spin the reels, you are digging in search of that buried golden treasure that contains a gamble game, instant win and progressive jackpot!

Join your wealthy pal in our Cafe Casino Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches slot for a jungle adventure like no other. You don’t need a pick and shovel to spin these reels; you only need to believe that there’s gold in them thar slots!


Does this Cafe Casino online slot have a progressive jackpot?
Oh yeah! Land the key symbol on reels 1 and 3 to unlock the Treasure Chest. Inside, there’s three potential prizes that can be randomly awarded: a coin gamble game, instant win or mega progressive jackpot! More on this below in our Gold Rush Gus online slot review!

Are there free spins in Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches?
Yes! The free spins temple symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 can randomly award 5, 10 or 15 free spins.

Can I still play the original Gold Rush Gus slot game?
Yes! The original didn’t go anywhere. Follow Gold Rush Gus in search of the progressive jackpot through the mines of the old west. Read the Gold Rush Gus Slot Game Review for tips now!

Is this a best crypto slot?
It is! All our slots are crypto slots (and this is a very popular one!). Simply fund your account with crypto and hit spin!

GOLD RUSH GUS AND THE CITY OF RICHES GAME THEMEThis is the logical sequel to the original, super popular slot: Gold Rush Gus!

Gold Rush Gus and The City of Riches slot at Cafe Casino is the natural sequel to the original Gus game. Our pal journeyed beyond the old west, found a new spot to dig, and now is up to his neck with riches! The mine he digs is deep in the jungle, hidden for centuries beneath the ancient ruins of a Mayan temple. Once you break through the thick undergrowth, you find 5 reels and 3 rows filled with symbols featuring secret keys, ornate masks, golden chalices, along with opulent nines, tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces.

The whole place is simply dripping in gold. The tropical marimba and jungle drums create an ambiance of anticipation and mystery, while the graphics express the wonders of an early civilization that survived the elements and discovered untold treasures buried below their feet. 


This new version of Gold Rush Gus pays homage to the pioneering spirit that longtime miners possessed as they dug in the dirt for prizes in foreign lands. The opportunities to get rich are shared with online slots players looking to join the search for buried treasures beyond their wildest dreams.

The golden mask is wild, the free spins symbols can dig up to 15 free spins plus multipliers, and landing the scatter key symbols on reels 1 and 3 will open the treasure chest feature for the possibility of a gamble game, an instant win or a progressive jackpot! When the monkey drops from the tree, he usually brings very good news.

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GOLD RUSH GUS AND THE CITY OF RICHES GAME FEATURESThis online slot boasts unique features like a coin gamble game and instant wins, on top of the more common features like free spins and progressive jackpot!

This slot online is fueled by bonus games, free spins, re-spins, wilds, and enormous payouts. You can earn 5, 10 or 15 free spins randomly when the free spin symbol lands on reels 1, 3 and 5 (it can be retriggered, too!). Plus, you’ll be awarded 2x, 3x or 4x multipliers.

Landing on a non-winning spin could turn out to be a good thing. You just might get another shot at gold if it triggers 2 to 5 reels to randomly re-spin.

Wild symbols are clearly identified and can substitute for everything except the key and free spins symbols. Better yet, the wild symbol comes with its own paytable.

Look for the key symbol on the 1st and 3rd reels because that’s when the treasure chest is unlocked. Once you open it, you’ll be randomly awarded the coin gamble game, an instant win (worth up to 50x your bet) or the progressive jackpot.

The coin gamble game in Gold Rush Gus and The City of Riches is one of its more exciting and unique features. In this bonus game, you can gamble or collect. If you prefer to gamble, there are seven coins to choose from (five golden coins and two skull coins). If you find a skull coin, you get a 10x multiplier only and the game ends. But if you find a golden coin, your prize multiplier will increase! Feeling timid? You can always take the collect option and finish the game.


When you land the key symbol on reels 1 and 3, you get to open the treasure chest! This chest will keep you on the edge of your seat as it randomly awards you one of three prizes. Like we mentioned, there’s an instant win and coin gamble game in there alongside the progressive jackpot. To know how much the progressive jackpot is worth at any given spin, just look to the top of the reels.

When the Cafe Casino progressive jackpot hits, you’ll see blue gems and golden prizes displayed as the grand total takes over your screen. You’ll have unearthed the jackpot in its entirety from the contributions paid by all players.

IS GOLD RUSH GUS AND THE CITY OF RICHES SLOT GAME WORTH A SPIN?Play Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches slot game at Cafe Casino now!

Why is this online slot popular? Well, it’s taking gaming to a whole new level – even if it all happens deep down in a mine – and we say that it’s totally worth your gaming time. The 3D graphics and untraditional gameplay will change the way you see online slots. Gold Rush Gus and The City of Riches has some unique features and a prize structure unlike many others. From free spins and instant wins to an innovative coin gamble game within a game, plus a progressive jackpot, this slot may become one of your favorites to which you will return again and again.


This slot digs up a ton of excitement that almost all online casino players will love. Whether you’re into history, enjoy cultural themes, or just want to play a progressive jackpot slot that dazzles your eyes, ears and bank account – Gus is welcoming you on board!

As you’ve seen in this Gold Rush Gus and The City of Riches slot review, this game is sure to become a favorite. We have so many other uniquely themed online slots at Cafe and every one could put you in the winner’s seat. Hit spin and we’ll look for your name on our next list of Cafe Casino big winners!

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