Golden Savanna Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game Review

A tipped-over white coffee cup spills coffee onto an off-white table in the shape of an elephant. Above is a handful of roasted coffee beans, while below to the right read the words “game review”.

Zebras, wildebeests, elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, and gazelles; just a few of the species that call some part of the five million square miles of African savanna, their home.

These iconic and majestic beasts graze on the land among the acacias and baobab trees and the shrubbery that has sustained them and their ancestors for millennia.

Inhabitants and scientists of nature have surveyed, studied, and scoured the golden landscape countless times over, but still haven’t discovered the real treasure that hides between the coarse blades of grass – until now.

In the Cafe Casino Golden Savanna Hot Drop Jackpots slot, you are the new pioneer of the savanna. You will travel over 4,096 paylines and discover a wealth of diversity, and a diversity of wealth, in one of the world’s most prized ecosystems. And at the top of the food chain: three Hot Drop Jackpots.


So grab your binoculars and prepare to explore. There are wild wins and natural prizes to be discovered, and this Golden Savanna online slot review will show you how to find them.

Golden Savanna Slots FAQ

How many paylines does Golden Savanna have?
Believe it or not, there are 4,096 paylines in the game!

How do the Wild multipliers work?
You have to be inside the free spins round. Then each Wild that’s involved in a win will multiply your win by its given value, which can be multiplied together up to 3,125x.

Are there any bonuses available for this online slot?
Yes! You can earn a referral bonus for each friend that joins Cafe using your link, to use towards games, including this one.


Golden Savanna Game Theme

Among new slots and old favorite slots alike, Golden Savanna has certainly earned our praise for its vibrant and visual theme, and that’s before we even get to its astounding potential for wins.

When you play in the vast plains of the Golden Savanna slot at Cafe Casino, you are taken on a journey through a stunning landscape of buttery yellows with smatterings of tangerine and burnt sienna, wavering under the hot African sun. The gently rolling plains of the savanna can be seen for miles beyond in striking 3D.

Elephants, cheetahs, gazelles, and meerkats prance through the reels with an upbeat soundtrack and the sounds of critters playing among the brush.

Golden Savanna Game FormatA coffee spill in the shape of a cheetah on an off-white table sits to the right of text that reads “game format”. Surrounding it are three animated symbols from the Golden Savanna slots game.

The setup of this 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4,096 ways to win slot does its best to keep up with the sheer size and scale of our setting.

A solid RTP of 96% means you can expect this slot online to provide decent returns over time. You can enjoy the terrain’s features for a minimum bet of $0.40. For as high as a maximum bet of $200, you can go all-in with nature and play for the highest returns.

Since Cafe is a BTC casino, or Bitcoin casino, most players deposit with crypto for a better gaming experience. That way you can see your player balance in USD like normal, but your deposits and withdrawals will be completed faster than a cheetah can catch up with a meerkat.


Golden Savanna Game Features

As your safari progresses through the astronomical number of paylines, a whole field of slots features will present themselves at just the right time.


In this slot game similar to Golden Buffalo, a picture-perfect scene of the horizon with a bright blue sky serves as your Wild. This symbol can appear only on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. It can substitute for any other symbol in the game, save the scatter.


The Savanna scatter symbol is represented by a golden circle, and it is your ticket to the free spins slots round, and the primary feature of the slots game.

Savanna Spins

Just three scatter symbols are all you need to enter the free spins round, and that will award you eight slots free spins. Four scatters award 15 free spins, five scatters award 25, and six scatters award 100. You even have the chance to keep spinning for free as long as you land at least three more scatters.

Wild Multipliers

As soon as you see a Wild during the free spins feature, you’re really in for a treat as you discover the true gold behind this best animal slots game.

During Savanna Spins, the Wilds are assigned multiplier values of 2x, 3x, or 5x. When they are part of a winning line on reels 2-through-6, they are applied. If many Wild multipliers help you win, they are multiplied together. In this way, you can multiply your wins all the way up to an elephant-sized 3,125x!

Hot Drop Jackpots: Hourly, Daily, and Super Jackpots

As jaw-dropping as the multipliers are within the free spins, there is still another treasure hidden behind a bushwillow tree.

If you unearth three special crown symbols, you will be invited to spin a special jackpot wheel for one of three Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots.

These are must drop jackpots that trigger by key times throughout the day: an hourly jackpot drops every hour, the daily drops each day, and a Super jackpot drops somewhere along the way to $300,000.


Is Golden Savanna Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game worth a spin?A coffee spill in the shape of a wild monkey on a white table surface is seen to the left of the image, while to its right, a screenshot from the Cafe Casino slot game, Golden Savanna Hot Drop Jackpots, sits atop the table, depicting the savanna desert with game icons and landscape illustrations.

With 4,096 paylines and an RTP of 96%, there’s loads of win potential on the reels of Golden Savanna.

All it takes is three scatters to make it into Savanna Spins where the magic happens. Once you’re there, the opportunities are as expansive as the savanna itself. Any game out there which can claim multipliers up to 3,125x is a rare beast indeed!

If you love Cafe Casino online slots with massive features and a HUGE sense of adventure, then you’ll be thrilled to know that this game is definitely worth your spin.

Play Golden Savanna Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game at Cafe Casino Now

As you’ve seen in this Golden Savanna online slot review, this game is a golden opportunity for incredible wins. The number of paylines and multipliers is practically unheard of in the world of slots machines, and yet, it’s all right here for you to experience at Cafe Casino. This is your chance to go on a safari of free spins and jackpots, surrounded by an exotic theme. The Golden Savanna has tons for you to explore, so make a bet and see what you can find.