Mythic Wolf Slot Game Review

Mythic Wolf Slot Game Review

It’s late. You’re alone. A solitary grey wolf howls regally at the glowing full moon, accompanied by the soft sounds of violins and a solitary native flute. Cool blues and icy whites color the symbols on the 5 reels of the Cafe Casino Mythic Wolf slot and illuminate the wilderness that’s peacefully basking in the moonlight.

A noble and mysterious icon, this wolf holds plenty of secrets to the big wins waiting to be unearthed. Take your chance to stalk the forest on the hunt for treasure. Watch for the moon, magic feathers, coin, diamond, and lunar dice symbols that light your way. When you hit the right combinations, the howling you hear may be coming from you.

Mythic Wolf is a chill online slot for late night fantasy adventures. Trigger a super round of free spins, activate a lunar phase match game, and score an unexpectedly big win. Just follow the leader of the pack to a den of extraordinary rewards.


What is the return to player (RTP) for Mythic Wolf?

Can I play Mythic Wolf slot using crypto?
Yes, and you are advised to start there! Most Cafe players use one of our crypto casino transaction methods to fund their account more swiftly and easily.

Does Mythic Wolf offer bonus rounds?
Totally. You can trigger the Lunar Phase Bonus Round during the Mythic Wolf Super Round if you land 3 or more Lunar Dice symbols.

What happens in the Super Round?
When three or more magic feather scatters appear, the Super Round awards free spins. Three Mythic Wolf symbols gets you 7 free spins. Four awards 15 free spins. Five gives 50 free spins. Plus, you could land the 10X winning line payout when you spot the wild wolf symbol. Keep reading to discover the power of this wolf in our Mythic Wolf slot review!

MYTHIC WOLF GAME THEMEBig wins will have you howling with Mythic Wolf!

The full moon lights the beautiful game graphics as the mysterious symbols seem to descend from the lunar glow onto the translucent 5-reel, 3-line spinning grid. Choose from up to 50 super paylines and enjoy fun animations that celebrate your wins.

The gorgeous style, confident soundtrack and easy game play gives Mythic Wolf slot at Cafe Casino its commanding character. It opens your eyes to the world of secrets nature only reveals to the winners. This slot bays at the moon, calling adventurists to come and discover what makes the wolf the king of the forest, before revealing its treasures as your hunt unveils the ultimate prey… money.


Among its 5 reels, 3 lines and 50 paylines, Mythic Wolf displays an elegance in game play that most slot online players find truly enticing. There’s several proud wolf figures on symbols, showcasing the legendary creature’s mystery and power. Under the light of the full moon, the wolf protects and then reveals the casino big winning lines with grace and confidence.

Glittering diamonds appear on the scrolls with bright flowered shields presenting eight intertwining petals. Adding feathers, card symbols and our lonely planet to the online slot creates moments of mystery and anticipation before the reels pounce on a win.

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Mythic Wolf abounds in features that make slot players very happy. The Running Wolf symbol is wild and when it comes up, it can multiply winning lines by five. Plus, this wild symbol replaces others to complete a winning line, whenever possible.

Free spins are awarded in the Mythic Wolf Super Round when you land three or more magic feather scatter symbols. Three awards 7 free spins, four delivers 15 free spins, and five will get you 50 free spins. During the Mythic Wolf Super Round, a winning line payout can reach 10X thanks to that Running Wolf wild symbol. And the best news? The Wolf Wins symbols, which hit randomly, are trigged more frequently and offer up bigger wins than in the base game.

It gets better. When you land three or more bonus Lunar Dice symbols during the Mythic Wolf Super Round, the Lunar Phase Bonus Round is triggered. Select three lunar phases to match the dice in order to win more coins! This particular bonus round is only available on desktop though, so if you want to play it, you might want to swap out your mobile next time you hit spin on Mythic Wolf.

It’s the features in Mythic Wolf that give this adventure slot game its edge, which in turn leads to some rather substantial payouts. The key is to manage your spins to protect your bankroll and let the wolf show you where to hunt for treasure.


Is howling at the full moon a declaration of prowess and strength for the hunter’s hunter? Does stalking your prey with patience, skill and determination result in filling your belly with the sweet flavor of winning the day? Do you enjoy the taste of someone else’s money? If you cannot answer in the affirmative to any of those questions, you’ve come to the wrong place.

If, on the other hand, you thrill to the challenge of the chase and can believe, if only for a moment or two, that you can be the most feared predator in the forest, Mythic Wolf will unleash your inner beast. The reels spin with all the steadfast pace of a wolf on the run. He never tires, he never gives up, he will satisfy his hunger.

From its stunning graphics and Zen-like soundtrack to the deadly simple game play and lavish payouts that reward only the best, this fantasy slot delivers entertainment, excitement and charismatic style. On your desktop or mobile device, this is the experience every online player seeks. It has become one of our Cafe Casino most popular slots because it keeps our players absorbed for hours!

PLAY MYTHIC WOLF SLOT GAME AT CAFE CASINO NOWExplore the power of the full moon at Cafe Casino!

The animal kingdom’s royalty are celebrated in many ways. Through books and film, the stories of the natural world have enthralled humans for centuries. But we often forget that we are also part of that world, and we run with our own wolves on the hunt for survival and domination. Mythic Wolf encompasses the best tributes to the world around us.

Maybe it’s just a game among many, but we are certain Mythic Wolf will be the real money online slot you will place at or near the top of your favorites at Cafe Casino.

Mythic Wolf is just one of our many popular slots, including the exciting Hot Drop Jackpots! Try them today at Cafe.