Screaming Chillis Slot Game Review

Screaming Chillis Slot Game Review

In Mexico and beyond, chilis are the cornerstone of the regional cuisine. These sizzling accents infuse your food with depth and mouthwatering heat, unlocking new dimensions to your dish.

That same spirit of spice is what you’ll find inside the Cafe Casino Screaming Chillis slot.

The typical game features are staples like your standard rice and beans. But hot habaneros on the reels add new dimensions to your experience with instant wins escalating the Scoville Scale of slots up to 25,000x your bet.

The additional multiplier flavors and Mexican-centered theme within the Screaming Chillis slot at Cafe Casino kick it up a notch from your standard session. In this Screaming Chillis online slot review, we’ll show you how to chow down properly… as long as you can handle the heat.

Screaming Chillis FAQ

How high do the multipliers go?

When you play Screaming Chillis slot, the multipliers can reach up to 25,000x.

Does this game have Hot Drop Jackpots?

Screaming Chillis does not have Hot Drop Jackpots, but we have an entire platter of games that do. In those games, the anticipation is through the roof since you know a jackpot will trigger every hour, and it might be on your very next spin.

Can the free spins be retriggered?

Yep! You get 12 free spins to start and can retrigger them by landing the correct symbols.

Screaming Chillis Theme

When you bite into the Screaming Chillis reels, you might think they’re mild, with technically only two features. But these spins pack a punch. When you hit the right one, you’re bowled over with flaming-hot instant wins. 

The background is like the inside of your mouth after you clamp down on a habanero in your beef burrito, with embers hovering on all sides. The reels are seared with hot sauce, tacos, a shot of tequila with lime, and the remaining symbols are in flames.

It’s all enveloped in the tunes of a Mexican fiesta with partygoers reveling in the heat.

Screaming Chillis Format

The Screaming Chillis slot game is on a light purple background surrounded by red, green, and yellow sevens.

You feel the burn in the Screaming Chillis slot with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines.

The bets start at a mild minimum bet of $0.10 and warm up to a hot maximum bet of $10.

In the grand scheme of things, the max bet isn’t that big. However, when you have a max win of 25,000x your bet and an RTP of 96.57%, you see that just a mild bet can spark an intensely hot win.

Screaming Chillis Features

Are you the type who insists on having more spice in your enchiladas, only to smile bravely through your sweat when you’ve added too much? You won’t have to worry about that, here. Because the more spice you rack up in this game, the happier you feel – promise.

Now, get ready, because this Screaming Chillis slot review is about to bring the heat.

Extra Chili Feature

The first feature is a hot take on an instant win. In most instant-win features, you get one fixed amount when you unlock the prize. This one’s different.

When 6 or more screaming chili symbols, known as “special symbols” blister the reels, your wins get zesty with more than one multipliers.

Six special symbols award a multiplier of 1x, which is warm. Seven special symbols awards 2x – a little warmer. Eight awards 7x, and then the heat wave rolls in as you land 10, 11, 12, for 50x, 150x, and 500x, all the way up to 5,000x for landing 15.

Free Spins

A cleaver chopping up a chili is your scatter. Three on reels 1, 3, and 5 ignite a round of 12 free spins. They can be retriggered up to 60.

Screaming Chillis

Just like your taco wouldn’t be much without the chili, your free spins would be bland without the Screaming Chillis feature.

Any time five or more special symbols tingle the reels, you devour an instant win multiplier ranging from a mild 1x to an ‘omg someone grab the milk’ 25,000x your bet. 

Sticky Wild & Special Symbol

In case you weren’t already feeling the heat, the Wild symbol and the special symbol can become sticky during free spins, meaning each one can infuse your round with more flaming wins.

Instant wins are the spice of this slot, but the real hot sauce is when you play via crypto gambling. It’s super easy. Deposit with crypto, view your balance in USD, and then withdraw your winnings through crypto again. Bitcoin and Litecoin will cook up your payout within 15 minutes or less after your request is approved.

Screaming Chili Wild

The Wild symbol is a habanero chili screaming in blissful agony over its mouth that’s blowing fire. It’ll make sense when you see why. 

Whenever 15 Wilds char the reels at once, whether that’s in the base game or the round of free spins, your jackpot is hot as blazes at 25,000x your bet.

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Is Screaming Chillis worth a spin?

A cleaver, a screaming chili with fire coming out of its mouth, and a bottle of hot sauce are surrounded by gold coins and it’s all on a light purple background.

With a maximum bet of $10, an RTP over 96%, and the chance to win up to 25,000x your bet as an instant win, the Cafe Casino Screaming Chillis slot is worth dousing over your day.

To get a head start, and possibly to help you call 911 when your wallet is on fire, refer a friend to play with you at Cafe Casino. We’ll add a spicy seasoning of our own to your session with a free cash bonus, unlimited to the number of friends who sign up. 

You can use your bonus to play Screaming Chillis slot or any other blazing game at Cafe Casino.

Play Screaming Chillis at Cafe Casino Now

Whether you’re trying to blow off steam or turn up the heat and create more, the Screaming Chillis slot is your go-to hot ticket. After tasting the flaming features, we hope they’ve lit a fire under your bets, and inspired you to take the plunge into one of the spiciest games at Cafe Casino.