What Slot to Reach for Next, Based on How You Like Your Pizza

What Slot to Reach for Next, Based on How You Like Your Pizza

Pizza is among America’s favorite foods – no surprise there. Everyone can recall a long list of gatherings where they’ve enjoyed a big pie, whether it was your birthday, a casual Friday night, or even National Pizza Party Day. Yep, that’s a thing. And it happens every third Friday of May.

Pizza is easy to order, cheesy, crispy, and hearty. Honestly, we can say a lot about pizza. But the bigger question on our plate is what does pizza say about you? That’s where we come in.

Every living soul has a favorite kind of pizza. Are you the plain cheese type? Loaded pepperoni? Or a brave pineapple lover, haters be danged?

Whatever your preference, these Cafe Casino online slots are the perfect topping on your favorite slice. They match the spirit behind your pie pick and channel that vibe into the game itself, from the design to the features. Plus, they can be a filling fare for your wallet too.

Question is, which one will it be? Scroll to find your fave pizza, and take a bite out of some gaming fun alongside your next slice.

If You Like Cheese Pizza, Play 5 Times Vegas

Cheese pizza started as a classic Margherita from Naples, Italy with white globs of mozzarella melting over garden-fresh tomato sauce. Over the years, it evolved into the crispy slice drowning in a blanket of cheese you pick up from the nearest pizza joint down the street. It’s an elaborate take on a classic.

In the same way, the 5 Times Vegas slot is an evolution of a traditional 3-reel slot machine. It has the same 3 reels, fruits, bells, bars, and sevens from back in the day. But now they’ve gotten a glow-up in neon, two additional rows are added, and instead of one standard payline, you get three.

5 Times Vegas slightly plays it up from the norm of one-armed bandits by adding a topping of Wild multipliers of 2x, 3x, and 5x, and that’s about it when it comes to features. Because you know what? If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. That’s the cheese pizza way.

Check out our 5 Times Vegas slot review to see what we mean. 

If You Like Hawaiian, Play The Hive

Words read ‘The Hive’ – a Cafe Casino online slot – next to a slice of Hawaiian pizza and both are on a dark red background.

If Hawaiian pizza is your jam, you’re not afraid to follow your own path in life. The combination of sweet pineapple and savory ham on your pizza defies traditional norms, and some flavor adversaries never lose a chance to tell you. But you trudge on, knowing that tangy sweet does go with savory, just like slot games do go well with unconventional shapes.

In The Hive, your slot grid is shaped in the 3-4-5-4-3 hexagon of a bee hive, buzzing with 30 paylines. You’re the beekeeper, or perhaps we can say the slot keeper. Your main job is to collect as many bees and honey in a jar as you can, ultimately accumulating in free spins and Spreading Wilds.

Since we’re on the topic of innovation, did you know that Cafe Casino is a Bitcoin casino? That means you can withdraw your payday using crypto instead of your bank. If you opt for Bitcoin or Litecoin, you can have your payday within minutes after your request is approved. That’s almost as sweet as pineapple.

If You Like Chicago Deep-Dish, Play Gold Rush Gus

With a robust, buttery crust and lavish layers of gooey cheese, chunky tomato sauce, and a variety of toppings, fans of Chicago deep dish like yourself relish (or in this case, marinara) the opportunity to bite back every layer of experience, no matter how many napkins it takes.

You’d be a great fit for Gold Rush Gus. This game has almost as many layers as a Chicago-style deep dish pizza, and it leaves your wallet just as stuffed.

For example, your spin button is a pickaxe that’s used to unearth your symbols. If you bust through a layer of spins, you might chomp down on two key symbols. That leads to a treasure chest that cracks open to either a bonus game, an instant win, two mini jackpots, or the ultimate paydirt: a growing progressive jackpot.

It would be quite the feat to polish off an entire Chicago deep dish on your own. Kudos to you if you can. But we like to think online slots are the same way – better enjoyed with friends. If you refer a friend to join you, we’ll toss a few nuggets of gold inside your account in the form of a referral bonus.

If You Like Pepperoni, Play Miss Cherry Fruits Jackpot Party

A slice of pepperoni is on the left and a sign saying ‘Miss Cherry Fruits Jackpot Party” is on the right, all on a dark red background.

A pepperoni slice is classic and comfortable with a spicy kick of personality to an otherwise straightforward pie. For pepperoni lovers, “reliable” is your middle name. You don’t waste time debating over the type of pie to order at a social gathering because you’re too busy making friends. Order pepperoni and move on to the dance floor.

For your game, you’ll feel right at home with a party pleaser that’s as dependable as your favorite slice: Miss Cherry Fruits Jackpot Party.

This party is ripe with juicy fruits like oranges, plums, lemons, and cherries. Don’t worry, there’s no pineapple. We know a pepperoni lover’s limits. When six or more golden disco balls make a flash appearance on the reels, the disco ball re-spins feature helps you hit the jackpot. That could mean getting the slice with the most pepperoni (there’s always one), or in the case of the game, the grand prize of 1,000x your stake.

For another topping to spice up your life, tack on a game with Hot Drop Jackpots to your next order, and devour a jackpot that’s delivered on a silver pan every hour, every day.

If You Like Veggie, Play Fruit Million

Veggie lovers like you pick a veggie pizza not for the health perks – the grease and cheese tend to outdo that pretty quickly – but because you embrace variety. Earthy mushrooms, crisp broccoli, juicy bell peppers, and sharp onions bring a new splash of color to each bite. 

In the spirit of variety, we recommend you cut off a bet and sink your teeth into one of our tastiest food slots. Like the number of colorful vegetables on your pizza, Fruit Million has just as many themes. Look for the little chameleon button in the game and give it a gentle tap. The chameleon grants you access to eight unique themes for the same slot based on every major holiday plus some.

And you just know each one of those holiday parties will end up getting a veggie pizza, otherwise known as the great equalizer of toppings in a large, indecisive group. Alright, alright, just get a large veggie! 

As for the game itself, we think you’ll find the assortment of stacked symbols, two scatters, expanding Wilds, and a gamble feature right up your alley of variety, too.

Now that we know which slot online you’ll be playing with your next slice of pizza, don’t forget to figure out which movie slot you’ll play next, too. Can’t have pizza without a good flick!

Which slot slice will you be slapping on your plate? Vegas? A dig? A jackpot party? Shoot, you know what? Why not try all five? No one ever stops at one slice; it wouldn’t be right. Online slots games and pizza are an occasion for indulgence. No need to call in your order, either. Just click the link for any of these games, and grab a piece of the action, fresh out of the wood-fired casino oven.