How to Win a Jackpot with Table Games

How to Win a Jackpot with Table Games

In case you didn’t know, online progressive jackpots aren’t just for slots! There are table games at Cafe Casino that offer huge paydays, and we want to make sure you know just where to find them. In this article, we’ll cover how to win big with Let ‘Em Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Hold’em, and also a special way to withdraw with Bitcoin. If you want the best games for progressive jackpots, read on!


Let ‘Em Ride is a fun game to get your poker fix from online table games for real money while keeping things simple at the same time. The goal is to hit the best poker hand possible, but the twist is that you don’t have to pick cards to redraw like in Video Poker. There’s also no dealer to beat.

Instead, you start with a three-card deal, then decide to continue (no extra bet needed) or raise. A fourth card will then be dealt, and you choose again to continue or raise. Finally, a fifth card comes out and your hand is made. If you have tens or better, you win. Yeah, we said it was simple, right?

The payout table is in the top left of the game window. Pairs get paid 1:1, flushes are paid 8:1, and straight flushes are paid a whopping 200:1. Then there’s online progressive jackpots for flushes or better, but you have to have a bet riding on the red progressive circle. Set amounts are paid up to four of a kind, and then straight flushes get 10% of the progressive jackpot and royal flushes get the whole shebang. At the time of this writing, the progressive jackpot is at around $150,000!


Caribbean Stud Poker is another one of the best Cafe Casino online table games for real money that can give you poker action without the stress. For this game, you get five cards dealt after picking your bet amount. Then, the goal is to beat the dealer. You’ll see one upcard in the dealer’s hand, and then have to decide whether to raise or fold. Now it’s time for the showdown.

The dealer qualifies with ace-king high or better. If the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify, your original bet is paid 1:1 and your raise comes back to you.

If the dealer qualifies and you win with the best hand, there’s a payout table that shows how much real money you win for your raise. These payouts range from 1:1 for high card or a single pair, all the way up to 200:1 for a royal flush.

Speaking of which, this game features online progressive jackpots too. Like with Let ‘Em Ride, you need to have a bet riding on the red progressive spot to be eligible for a mega payday from Caribbean Stud Poker. Big hands are paid according to the payout table, but it’s straight flushes that get a 10% slice of the online progressive jackpot, and royal flushes that get paid all of it.

As of this writing, the progressive jackpot is at $108,000. That’d be a nice little bonus, right?


In this online table game for real money, you’ll be going head to head with the dealer. You’ll each get two cards dealt to you, and then three community cards will be dealt as well. After that, you decide whether to fold or raise. Following a raise, two more community cards come out. You then showdown with the dealer.

The dealer needs a pair of fours or better to qualify in Caribbean Hold’em. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, your ante is paid 1:1 and your raise is returned. If the dealer does qualify and you win with the best hand, you get paid 1:1 on your ante, and 1:1 on your raise for all hands up to a straight. Royal flushes get a cool 100:1 payout.

As for online progressive jackpots in this game, you need to have an active bet on the red progressive spot. There are set real money payouts for flushes, full houses, and four of a kind. As with the other table games in this post, Cafe Casino pays 10% of the progressive jackpot for a straight flush and hands the whole thing over for a royal flush.

In that case, it’s also traditional to do a little “no one’s watching” dancing in your house!

By the way, if you’re new to playing table games, refer to this handy how to play table games guide.


When you win online progressive jackpots at Cafe Casino’s most popular online table games for real money, you can make withdrawals securely and quickly using Bitcoin. If you’re new to Bitcoin, you might be surprised to learn how easy it is to use. Learn how easy it is to deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin.

The basic idea is that you have a digital wallet for your Bitcoin. You plug your digital wallet address into Cafe Casino while doing your withdrawal, and Bitcoin will be sent to you. After that, you can keep it in that form, or send it to your exchange account and turn it into dollars.

Does that sound hard? Trust us, “cryptocurrency” only seems complicated. In real life, it’s just another way to move money. Now go score those online progressive jackpots at Cafe Casino table games so you can become a Bitcoin baller!