How To Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

How To Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

Originally, the word “jackpot” was an obsolete poker term coined in the late 19th century. It referred to the pool of money – the pot – that accumulates until the first player with two jacks or better could open the bidding. Beyond the gambling world, the term has quickly become a common exclamation whenever someone gets an often unexpected and usually large reward. Kind of like when you discover those two extra beers in the back of the fridge.

Players love, love, love our Cafe Casino progressive jackpot slots for a lot of reasons. Of course, the first is the sizeable money bonanza, followed closely by the sheer thrill of becoming a really big casino winner.

If you’ve played our best progressives, you know that there’s always some serious money waiting for you. And not only from winning in the regular gameplay with our online slots. Our progressive jackpot prizes are known to be thousands of times larger than many players are used to! For example, Shopping Spree’s progressive jackpot is often in the millions.

So, how do you get in on that kind of action? This article will start you on your way. And one day when you do win big, don’t be shy about screaming “Jackpot!” We hear that a lot.


In progressive slots, a percentage of all bets or wagers placed by players is added to the jackpot. The amount keeps growing round after round (or progressively, you might say…) until one player wins it with one lucky spin. After that, the jackpot resets to its base amount and starts growing again.

The more players, the more bets, the bigger the progressive jackpot, so choosing the most popular online slots that attract many players is a strategy that can pay off with a bigger win.

Progressives are different from regular slots because they are less likely to occur than lining up slots symbols or landing bonus features. But when you do win, life as you know it may change because progressive jackpots are massive. So, how can you win?


Casino games with the best payouts at Cafe,

Winning online slots is mostly a luck thing. Remember that they are driven by the slots random number generators (RNGs), However, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, some Cafe Casino online slots have random progressive jackpots. Spin the reels and you could hit the jackpot to win a pile of cash. Like a regular win, you don’t have a lot of control over when it hits, just keep your fingers crossed or rub your lucky rabbit’s foot (or any other casino lucky charm) when you play.

You’ve always got a shot as long as you’re playing. Our slot games with random jackpots that pay out regardless of your bet include Cyberpunk City or Bulletproof Babes. Read the rules of any of our slot games when you launch them by clicking “FULL DESCRIPTION” and you can learn how to become eligible for the slots jackpots.

Other progressive jackpots can only be won if you play maximum bets or land certain combinations on the reels. Gold Rush Gus is one example where you can win one of two mini jackpots or the progressive jackpot. Hitting two key scatter symbols on reels one and three can trigger one of four rewards: instant win, bonus game, mini jackpot, or the progressive jackpot. This jackpot regularly reaches over $50K!

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Winning on the slots is a matter of luck. You can’t control the random number generator that decides the winner. But, you can control your betting strategy. Our advice? Always bet the maximum amount that the slot game allows (and that your bankroll allows, too!).

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but the key reason why it’s smart to bet the max is that most slot games offer bonus payouts or jackpots to players who do just that. If you don’t bet the maximum amount and then hit a jackpot, you won’t get the full amount.

Maximum bets add more and more value to each spin. When you’re searching for the big progressive jackpot, your objective is to add as much value as possible and play for a longer period. Keep in mind that other players are also adding to the progressive jackpot’s value. If you’re in it to win it, it could be wise to go big or go home, within your comfort zone.

Now, there are still some other key slots tips to consider:

  • Research – Don’t play online slots you don’t know. Learning about the game and understanding the rules will improve your chances of winning a jackpot. Choose slots online with the highest payout rates.
  • Set limits – Set both winning and non-winning limits before you start playing. Stick to your limits at all costs. If you are winning, stop once you’ve doubled your amount. If you aren’t, stop when you reach that limit.
  • Practice – Winning an online jackpot means practicing the game. At Cafe Casino, all our slot games have a free play feature that lets you play the game without risking real money. You learn a lot about the game with no worries. When you’re ready to play real money online slots, your practice games will have helped!
  • Playing with Crypto – There are so many benefits to using a crypto gaming method, including offering the lowest minimum and highest maximum limits for deposits and withdraws. So when you do win, you can get your payday that much faster.


From Shopping Spree to Lawless Ladies, you could be winning a life-changing payday with one of our Cafe Casino best progressive slots.

The jackpot slots at Cafe Casino are among the most generous around. You only have to visit our Big Winners page to read about the latest players who got rich playing our slot games. It’s happening all the time!

As we said, a big part of winning a progressive jackpot is in the games you choose to play. They are usually among our most popular slot games, which helps to drive the prize amounts up to blockbuster proportions.

Check out these best progressive slots and add them to your roster of games you must play if you want to hit the big money!


Cafe players love Reels and Wheels XL and it’s progressive that’s usually in the 6-figures. The bonus wheel and jackpot wheel play massive roles in this progressive. You’re trying to land two bonus symbols with one wheel symbol to get the first bonus wheel to appear and spin. That’s where you’ll find the biggest multipliers, or better still, a ticket to the jackpot wheel. If you end up at the jackpot wheel, you’ll spin for one of five jackpots!


Like we’ve mentioned already, Shopping Spree progressive at Cafe Casino is regularly in the millions. Winning requires landing five diamond rings while playing on the max bet. Then, the biggest progressive jackpot is in-store for you!


Behold the power of the elements with the Mystic Elements online slot game. Discover that the light symbol holds the most power of all the elements when it comes to the highly-profitable progressive jackpot! You’ll need to first find at least three free spin symbols to trigger the bonus round, and while there, five light symbols could take you all the way to the big one!

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