5 Times Vegas Slot Game Review

It’s nighttime in Sin City. A neon slot plays as the stars twinkle in the background. Light 80’s-style music with a driving beat grooves on as the reels spin.

Cafe Casino 5 Times Vegas slot offers you a vibe that just can’t be beat.


In this game review, we’ll cover what makes this slots game so darn fun to play, including the look, feel, features, and of course – the payouts!

5 Times Vegas Slots Top 5 FAQ 

What is the range of bet sizes?
$.09 up to $120. This game is made to suit penny slot fans and high rollers alike. At Cafe Casino, we’re always brewing up something for everybody! 

What is the RTP %?

Are those x2 and x3 symbols multipliers or wilds?
They’re both! Any time you get one it substitutes for the symbol you need on the payline, and then multiplies your win by that number. 

What if I get two wild symbols on a payline?
You get the base symbol’s value times the highest multiplier.

What’s a slot with the same theme as 5 Times Vegas?
If you love the classic fruit machine theme, you’ll also want to try Ten Times Wins.

5 Times Vegas Game Theme 

So many slots games are all about the feel and experience of playing, and 5 Times Vegas is no different. The nighttime mood sets the scene, complete with shooting stars over the Vegas Strip. 

Your reels are filled with classic symbols that any old school lever puller would be right at home with – cherries, bells, BARS, diamonds, lucky sevens, and more. Instead of the traditional look, they appear in colorful neon – the perfect contrast to the dark sky beyond.

It’s a sultry mood, perfect for a bath with candles, wine, and a little bit of online slots to keep things fun.

5 Times Vegas Game Format

5 Times Vegas slot at Cafe Casino has a huge variety of bet amounts. You can go super small if you want the fun to last a long time, or you can blow it up and bet huge if you’re looking for superstar real money wins. The max you can take home on a single spin is 2,500x your total bet. If you get really lucky, you could pop off with a mega jackpot win.

5 Times Vegas Game Features

5 Times Vegas is a fairly classic style slot in the way it plays. You’re not chasing all kinds of bonus rounds, mini games, or other special features. There’s not free spins to try to score, either. This game is one pull and you get a result. Sometimes, simplicity is nice, right?/5-times-vegas-slot5 Times Vegas Game Features

5 Times Vegas Game Paylines 

The paylines are very straightforward – just three horizontal lines across. One is on top, the other is in the middle, and the final one is along the bottom. If you line up matching symbols all the way across, you get a win according to the paytable to the left of the game screen. Fruits are on the bottom, shiny symbols are in the middle, and your wild multiplier symbols give the biggest payouts.

Those symbols might be a bit confusing, actually. They’re wild, and substitute for the symbol you need to complete a payline. They also multiply your win by the number shown. If you get two cherries and an x2 symbol, you get the cherry win amount of 2 multiplied by 2, for a total win of 4. If there’s two multiplier symbols, the highest one is applied. (If you want to learn more about wilds and multipliers, check out our article on understanding slots features.)

And lastly for a little bit of bonus fun, if one of the wild multipliers appears on reel 3, it retriggers reel 2.

Is the 5 Times Vegas Slot Game Worth a Spin?

This slot game is totally worth a spin. It’s worth many spins! The soundtrack creates an awesome feel, along with the art style. It’s one of those slot games to play just for the mood alone, never mind the wins. It just feels good to get into the groove of it. 5 Times Vegas may not be the game you want to play every single session, but it definitely has a place in any player’s rotation.

There’s also something nice about simple games. You don’t have to try to unlock scatters or get ready to play mini games, or do guessing in bonus rounds. As shown in this 5 Times Vegas slot game review, this is a really low pressure game that you can just kick back and enjoy.

Play 5 Times Vegas Slot Game at Cafe Casino Now

Ready to give 5 Times Vegas a shot? Get started in practice mode and move to slots for real money when you’re ready at Cafe Casino!

Good luck!