Big Money Bigfoot Slot Game Review

Big Money Bigfoot Slot Game Review

It all started in 1958 when loggers in northern California reported mysterious 16-inch footprints punctuated throughout their worksite in Bluff Creek. As more were found, a local journalist published their story, and legends of a curious man-like beast hiding in the woods have been abounding since that day.

Until now, those enthralled by the lore could never have imagined exploring the legend for themselves, and as it turns out, Bigfoot is not what we expected at all! The rumors were all half-baked.

In the Cafe Casino Big Money Bigfoot slot, you come face-to-face with the legendary Bigfoot in his fancy – yes, fancy – mansion, deep within the woods. This 5-reel slot is somewhere in between an old school classic and a hyper-modern 3D game with its no-fuss graphics and symbols that reflect the real life of the legendary Bigfoot.

Just one more step up the hill, and you’re about to enter the Big Money Bigfoot online slot review at Cafe Casino. Let’s put an end to decades of speculation about the elusive creature, shall we?


Does this game have a progressive jackpot?
Yes! There is a progressive jackpot that is awarded at random, and you are eligible to win it after any spin in the game, like the perfect digestif to follow a fine main course.

How do I get to the free spins round?
You’ll need to land three or more scatter symbols, which is the slot’s logo over a big green foot.

What do the Wilds do inside free spins?
Once inside the slots free spins round, Bigfoot can change up to 15 regular symbols into Wilds (a big dollar sign).

Which crypto is best to use for this slot?
Let’s turn our attentions from cryptozoology to a more accessible crypto. Since we are a crypto casino, a range of cryptocurrencies will be enthusiastically accepted. You can try Bitcoin Cash for the fastest deposits, and Bitcoin or Litecoin for the fastest withdrawals.

BIG MONEY BIGFOOT GAME THEMEA mobile phone shows Cafe Casino’s Big Money Bigfoot slot game in action, featuring its reels and symbols, surrounded by gold coins

Bigfoot has inspired fear in campers and hikers for years, but he would probably say he’s just misunderstood.

Symbols like a sports car, a yacht, a private plane, and Bigfoot sporting his bling show off the lavish lifestyle he lives in his mansion on top of a grassy hill, surrounded by stone pillars of golden dollar signs.

A midnight, starry sky and swanky beat set the mood as you join Bigfoot for an exclusive soirée, and those who play Big Money Bigfoot slot find themselves bouncing happily to the tune.


Like many other modern Cafe Casino online slots, there are 5 reels and 3 rows. It has 25 paylines that you can adjust, paying from left to right on adjacent reels. That is, except for the scatter, which pays from any position. You can bet as little as $0.01 or as much as $125.00.

BIG MONEY BIGFOOT GAME FEATURESA Las Vegas-style sign shows the words Free Spins with symbols from the Big Money Bigfoot slot game at Cafe Casino floating around it

Even without all the complicated features that jam-pack so many new games, there is still plenty of potential in this online slot as you follow in the BIG footsteps of Bigfoot.

The Wild symbol is a classic one and it appears both in the base game and in the free spins round. In the base game, it can substitute for all regular symbols to help you win, except for the Scatters.

As Bigfoot shows you the ways of his lavish lifestyle, he may decide to take you to a special room where prizes await for the VIPs. To get there, you’ll need to land three or more Scatters. Then, you’ll be duly awarded 5 free spins… but there’s a sizable catch.

With each free spin, Bigfoot can transform any symbol randomly into a Wild, and up to 15 symbols can change at one time!


On the top right of your screen is a meter that grows with each spin you make. That’s a Cafe Casino progressive jackpot, and it can trigger randomly after any spin in the game, kind of like the way Bigfoot appears at random in the woods, sending that lone onlooker running for his life! If only they knew what we do…

If you’re into jackpots as a menu fave, you could also try a game with Cafe Casino Hot Drop Jackpots that trigger three jackpots, two of which are on a timer, for an even more legendary win.

IS BIG MONEY BIGFOOT SLOT GAME WORTH A SPIN?A laptop on a counter inside a diner, with Cafe Casino’s Big Money Bigfoot on the screen


If you’ve ever heard the legend and you’re curious to see what truth is behind the lore, Big Money Bigfoot slot at Cafe Casino is the place to discover it.

The graphics are a nice, comforting throwback without too many frills, which suits the back-to-nature theme of the game. It doesn’t scrimp on its engaging and imaginative hooks, even as more modern slots online boast eye-popping visuals. You can really immerse yourself in the storyline and focus on the wins through Wilds, Scatters, and free spins, and maybe even the progressive jackpot!

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Looking back on the stories from long ago, it’s a little bit of fun to form your own theory about Bigfoot, and why he chooses not to be seen – if he exists at all. Is it because he wants to keep all of his stashes of cashes for himself? Is it because he’s afraid of us, as loggers or weekend campers in the woods?

Whatever you believe the story to be, the beast himself invites you into his home inside this online slot. If you like the thrill of uncovering a huge mystery and living large, all in the company of a creature that might well be the stuff of pure imagination, then it’s settled: the next move is to slide into your favorite booth at Cafe Casino to pursue the long-hidden prizes for yourself. And you’ll have what he’s having!