New Here? Start With These 10 Slots

New Here? Start With These 10 Slots

Hey there, welcome! Grab a seat. You’ve just entered the establishment of Cafe Casino online slots. You’ll notice we have hundreds of online slots on the menu, and it might be overwhelming. Let’s see here; Where to begin? We can help with that. Cafe Casino will be your server for today, and we’ve lined up the 10 Best Slots for New Players, whether that means you’re new to Cafe Casino or new to slot gaming in general. These are the best slot machines for beginners because of their memorable themes, straightforward gameplay, and more frequent wins.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be rolling out of here in a wheelbarrow filled up with prizes.  Get pumped up! Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure. Dive into the world of slots and experience the excitement firsthand.

1. Golden Buffalo

The golden buffalo has always been a classic theme in land casinos. But have you played the same theme online? It’s approximately 3,125x better.

Instead of your standard 10-ish paylines, in the Golden Buffalo slot, you get – are you still sitting down? – 4,096. With so many paylines, it’s likely you’ll experience wins more frequently. When you reach the bonus round via three bonus symbols, you have the potential to wrangle Wild multipliers up to 3,125x.

2. Mythic Wolf

Text in the middle says ‘Mythic Wolf’ and just behind it is a moon with a wolf on top that’s howling. Slot symbols surround everything and it’s on a red background.

The theme of Mythic Wolf is both eerie and mystical with a forest wolf howling at a full, silvery moon over transparent reels. During the base game, the wolf symbol is your Wild which multiplies your wins by 5x. However, when you leap into the Super Round of free spins, newcomers are encouraged when the same Wild multiplies your wins by 10x, and the game is configured to award more wins overall.

To pocket your newfound wealth as fast as possible, make your withdrawal through Bitcoin. We’re a Bitcoin casino which means you’ll be receiving your payout within 15 minutes or less after we approve your request.

3. 777 Deluxe

For new kids on the casino block, 777 Deluxe eases you into online slots since it’s loosely based on tradition. It has classic symbols like fruits, BARs, and 7s, but an extra pep in its step with mystery symbols, transparent reel lines, and more than one jackpot.

It’s easy to find your feet in this slot since the path to the bonus round is simple. Three mystery symbols in the base game morph the screen to a bonus game. You face one payline and only “7” symbols. If you match three golden 7s, you win the Deluxe progressive jackpot. And since this game is so popular, the jackpot is delectable.

4. Reels and Wheels XL

Text in the middle says ‘Reels & Wheels XL’ and symbols of three fruits surround it, and it’s all on a read background.

Reels and Wheels XL is in the same, shall we say, wheelhouse as 777 Deluxe in that it’s also based on an approachable, traditional slot. Five reels are made of fruits and bonus symbols and when the game aligns, you spin a jackpot wheel for five progressive jackpots.

But this time, before you reach the jackpot wheel, you get a little dizzy with a bonus wheel that zips around with multipliers ranging from 5x to 500x. The whole experience is wrapped up in a whirlwind of festive color, like you’re throwing a casino-themed party with every spin.

5. Cai Fu Dai Panda

If you’re just starting, it’s best to choose a game that focuses on prosperity and longevity, right?

The Cai Fu Dai Panda slot fosters the symbols of Prosperity and Longevity in the base game. Whenever they land, each one brings a special set of slot features. Above all else, there’s one more merit that we could never forget, and that’s the value of Jackpot.

You may experience the lone symbols of Prosperity, Longevity, or Jackpot in your game and receive their features one-by-one. Or you can adopt two or all three at once and combine features like 100 paylines, extra rows, Wilds, and the chance to win the Grand jackpot.

6. Monster Manor

For a hair-raising introduction to the best slot machines for beginners, a game like Monster Manor has all of the best standard features in one: a story-like theme, an expanding Wild, Wild multipliers, free spins with multipliers, and an interactive bonus round. It all takes place in an eerie, haunted mansion where the Wild is a cat with a secret that’s revealed when it lands on reel 3.

If you refer a friend to play with you, check your balance immediately, but don’t be scared! A referral bonus from us will appear out of thin air, and it’s yours to use in any game you dare.

7. 10 Times Vegas

There’s a red background that says ‘10 Times Vegas’ in the middle with slot symbols surrounding it.

You can’t have an online casino without paying tribute to the king city of gambling: Las Vegas. In the 10 Timesv Vegas slot, you get the razzle-dazzle of the Las Vegas experience but from the comfort of your favorite recliner.

Three reels and three rows are lined in neon lights with classic symbols like fruits, 7s, BARs, and horseshoes. The gameplay is straightforward until you trigger a re-spin that results in a win. Then suddenly your Las Vegas slot kicks like the can-can into high gear and special jackpot symbols can award you 10x or 20x your bet, or the ever-growing progressive jackpot. 

8. Instant Inferno

New players will feel right at home in Instant Inferno with cherries, bells, BARs, and 7s, but these symbols hit differently given that they’re all on fire. While it’s standard enough to make you feel at ease, this hot slot has two scatters that set it apart, with the Premium Scatter paying more than the regular. 

There’s also an interactive bonus round, it’s more like a matching game. You land three burning pots of gold, then pick three tiles out of 20 to win up to 50 free spins. Not bad for a first-timer!

9. Lawless Ladies Return

There are three symbols of cowgirls surrounding text that says ‘Lawless Ladies Return’ on a red background.

If you look at the history of women gambling, you’ll see that it dates back to the Wild West in the 19th century. The gals were tough back then and they took their loot seriously. No other Cafe Casino online slot captures this moment like Lawless Ladies Return.

You travel back to the days when bandits ran the streets in a theme you’ll be thinking about for hours after the game is done. This slot, a sequel to the original Lawless Ladies slot, unfolds with five rough n’ tumble female bandits as your main symbols. The objective is to land the right symbols to take over a round of free spins with various added features and a gamble round. 

10. Leprechaun’s Golden Trail

It’s a well-known notion that the luck of the Irish can deliver riches to those who know how to stir it, and Leprechaun’s Golden Trail is ripe with it.

It has all the Irish fixings, like rolling green pastures, a Wild four-leaf clover, a magic green hat that awards free spins with extra Wilds, super spins over the rainbow, and a golden trail of multipliers leading to the pot of gold.

If the luck rubs off on you, you can try Leprechaun’s Golden Trail Hot Drop Jackpots next. This version has a daily and an hourly jackpot that must drop before the timer ticks to zero, and you see what it truly means to have the luck of the Irish on your side.

We love it when a fresh newcomer strolls into Cafe Casino. Hopefully, one of the slots on this list of the best slot machines for new players will inspire you to get into the game and have fun. This is the beginning of a long, glorious journey of paydays and prizes, and as a newcomer, one of these games is bound to set you off on the right foot.