Got the Munchies? Try These Snacks + Slots

Got the Munchies? Try These Snacks + Slots

If you’re here, we already know that you love online slots. But we also know that, because you’re here, you enjoy the delicious things in life, including screen-friendly snacks that tick all the right boxes.

Now as for which satisfying goodies you prefer, well – having our minds fixed on our stomachs as well as your spins, we’re in a pretty good position to offer a little guidance.

That’s why, today, we’re offering you a real treat: a selection of universally loved munchies to crunch after lunch. From the list below, you decide. Is your sweet tooth bigger than your salty cravings? Are you willing to do some prep, or will you just rip open a bag and dig in? It’s your snack + slots session, so you can decide!

As a special bonus, we’ve even matched the menu with the Cafe Casino online slots that are the ideal accompaniment to your treat. You can munch, crunch, savor, and win with the best foods to snack on while playing slots.

First up, a timeless winner.


M&Ms are everything you could dream of in a snack: they’re never messy, they melt in your mouth (and not in your hands), they come with a most satisfying crunch, and they’re easy to grab from anywhere that sells snacks.

When you reach for your next handful, remember that it’s as good a time as any to pass your finger over the “spin” button on a winning slot. Lawless Ladies features a group of gals that are just as colorful as your standard handful of M&Ms, plus it features a randomly awarded progressive jackpot. Or, chase the Golden Buffalo for his prizes of multipliers up to 3,125x in a slot online that frequently turns players into big winners.

DORITOSA large pile of corn chips sits atop a white cafe table, with an oversized animated diamond sticking out. To the right is a small watermelon symbol, and to the left is a 3D-animated bonus symbol from a Cafe Casino slot game.

The perfect balance of zesty, tangy, and bold is where it’s really at. Sure, Doritos might get your fingers a little cheesy from all the delicious flavorings, but that just gives you another chance to love the flavor when you lick them clean. As long as they were clean to start with of course!

Doritos lovers will be after a game that’s just as bold and satisfying as those oversized flavors. Reels and Wheels XL is served with popping, vibrant colors almost as vivid as the orange, red, or yellow of your snack (we see you, Cool Ranch!). Plus, you get five progressive jackpots to add to that satisfying crunch.


Oreos. Need we say more? It’s nearly impossible to imagine a more perfect snack. They’re sweet, they’re decadent, and they’re oh-so-fun to break in half and lick off the frosting in the middle.

That frosting, for the record, looks an awful lot like the piles of snow in Reindeer Wild Wins XL. But – this beastly slots game comes with a prize pot of 5,000x your stake, which is even sweeter.

Plus, since you can enjoy the slot with gaming crypto transactions, you can experience even more satisfaction when your payday is delivered faster than any other method.


Do you have your sequins handy? (Or, at least, that tuxedo t-shirt hanging in the back of your closet!) It’s time to get dressed up and go full Ritz. The butter, salt, flakiness, and crunch of a classic Ritz cracker will be a welcome accompaniment to a game that’s just as sophisticated: any of our Vegas slots!

You can play for Wild multipliers inside 5 Times Vegas for a posh night out in Sin City. Or, to take it up a notch, just as you do in 10 Times Vegas, you can top your cracker with sliced cheese or even peanut butter.

STARBURSTSitting on top of a red diner booth seat is a white bowl of colorful cereal with a green gem sticking out of it. To the right is a large diamond, and to the left, a red diamond.

Raise your hand if you have a sweet tooth! Now lower it down, and reach into the Starburst bowl. Did you get the strawberry flavor? Lucky you! Even if you’re that rare type who prefers the orange flavor (are you really out there? Tweet us!), Starbursts never fail to delight you with their gently sweet, chewy fruitiness.

You should always accompany your Starburst snack, however, with an online slot like Gold Rush Gus. There are so many slots features in this game unfolding before your eyes, that you’ll get a chance every now and then to unwrap your delicious candy like they’re gems in a treasure chest.


If you want to enjoy a little crunching without a ton of sugar, then fill yourself a bowl of healthy granola and get to munching while you play slots.

In fact, you know what goes great with granola? Fruit! With a game like 777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpots, you’ve got lemons, grapes, watermelon, oranges, and cherries to slice up and add to your bowl and to your balance. You could even transform it into a delicious parfait (with yogurt!); much like how three Hot Drop Jackpots, including one dropping every hour, turn this game into a real treat!


Chips Ahoy, matey! When you crunch down on the flaky, chocolate chip paradise of Chips Ahoy (one of the best snack foods to pair with Cafe Casino), you’ll need a pirate slot to go along with it.

Take Pirate’s Pick, for example. As you pick a cookie from the bag, you’ll be asked to pick your type of bonus, too. Don’t get too, confident, however, or else we’ll have to ship you off to join the Arrogant Pirates with a Fortune Chest bonus. On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad – as long as you can have your cookies.

TOSTITOS AND SALSAOn top of a white cafe table top is a red ramekin filled with salsa and a corn chip wedged in it, with a straw Mexican hat that has the words “free spins” printed around the rim. To the right is an illustrated icon of a taco, while on the left, an illustration of a cactus wearing a sombrero, glasses, and mustache.

If there’s one special snack food that puts you in the festive mood, it’s Tostitos and salsa: especially the Scoops kind! The deep bowl can hold plenty of salsa, or even melted cheese if you’re feeling more decadent. It’s a snack waiting for a party.

With each scoop and crunch and spin, you’ll come ever closer to the festival in Amigos Fiesta. Being the life of the party, with the salsa on your Tostitos and the salsa in your dance step, comes naturally because this is a slots game that’s all about the music… oh yeah, and the heat meter that rises after each non-winning spin.


When you rifle through the bowl of nuts looking for the coveted cashews, you may find yourself working up a bit of a thirst. May we offer you a drink? Say, a Dirty Martini? With this combo of snack + slots online, you’ll feel like you’re at a classy bar enjoying an evening out. To top it all off, a progressive jackpot is your special twist, like a splash of sweet vermouth and an olive.

If you invite a friend to join you, you’ll even get a referral bonus to buy a round on us.


So: spill the M&Ms! What was your favorite snack food? Are you a salty gal (in the delicious way), a sweet-toothed gent, or a classic cheese and crackers type?

Tell us on Twitter @CafeCasinoLV, and see who else shares your tastebuds.

A session without a tasty treat for those between-spins moments just wouldn’t be a proper Cafe Casino session at all. But, now that you’ve got a snack-laden shopping list on hand, you’ll be well stocked up every time you swing by the cupboard.

It’s just about time to pick a treat from the menu of online slots at Cafe Casino; are you ready to double-dip your hands into some spinning with these winning snacks?